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  • Profile image for agnes_c
    agnes_c  |  Wednesday, September 10 2014, 4:33PM  |  Report
    Personal training in Woody Bay

    It'll be 2 years in November since we have started training with Jon. Initially twice a week, my husband and I now train regularly 3 times a week. Jon is consistently reliable - he comes to us which is quite a way - and is always on time and. Considering his other commitments, he is also flexible when he can. Whilst I have never been an exercise freak, I now consider our training to be an integral part of my lifestyle. My backache which I've had for 14 years is now gone, my abdominal muscles much stronger and my overall fitness level improved greatly. I will never be an athlete but I have felt the benefits of the sessions with Jon and I am intending to stick to it. I highly recommend regular sessions with Jon, either on 1:1 or in a group session with others. We host re-boot weekends here in Woody Bay and asked Jon to prepare personalised 3 day fitness programme for 4 people. He looked after every fitness aspect of it and made sure that everybody, regardless of the ability, felt included and appreciated within their own capabilities. Once again, many thanks Jon. Here is to another year!!

  • Profile image for agnes_c
    agnes_c  |  Monday, July 01 2013, 11:46PM  |  Report
    Personal training in Woody Bay

    My husband and I have been training with Jon since November last year. We train twice a week outdoors. We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful place we live in and love and so we asked Jon if he could come to us and do sessions in Woody Bay. Jon is a lovely person, always cheerful and very professional. He knows how to motivate without being harsh and pushy. He brings the most and best of us both making sure that no session is the same. Over the last 8 months my fitness has definitely improved and I feel a lot happier with my overall energy levels. My husband is also a keen runner and training with Jon complements it really well. I would recommend Jon to anybody regardless of their fitness level as one of his strengths is the ability to tailor a programme to meet your specific needs. Thank you Jon!

  • Profile image for chrissytuck
    chrissytuck  |  Saturday, March 23 2013, 10:45AM  |  Report
    Personal Training

    I would thoroughly recommend Jon as a Personal Trainer whatever your level of ability. I am an extremely large woman who had limited mobility, in a few short weeks with Jon`s knowledge and encouragement I feel energized, have regained joint movement and mobility, have a fast growing level of self confidence and realize exercise is great fun!

  • Profile image for dmilward
    dmilward  |  Monday, March 04 2013, 12:51PM  |  Report
    Circuit Training

    Highly recommend these classes. I started them about a year ago and credit them for helping to get me fit again. They are enjoyable and always different.

  • Profile image for zealexempt
    zealexempt  |  Wednesday, February 13 2013, 9:07PM  |  Report
    Circuit training

    I've been doing circuit training every Wednesday night with Jon for around 3 months now. It's seriously boosted my fitness level and I am really starting to feel great about myself again. It's hard, high impact at times and sweaty, but always fun, always different and Jon is always super encouraging. He's great for advice and always happy! He does make some exercises look easy when they're not though! Amy, 25, 13 stone, size 16. (Thought I'd put info about me in the end, to let people know anyone can do it, all shapes and sizes!)

  • Profile image for tidygardener
    tidygardener  |  Tuesday, February 12 2013, 11:25PM  |  Report
    Jon's Circuit Training

    "Jon's circuit training really boosted my fitness to get me in the running for cross country".

  • Profile image for Dizzydog21
    Dizzydog21  |  Tuesday, February 12 2013, 10:22PM  |  Report
    Jon's Circuit Training

    I can highly recommend Jon's circuit training class. It is different every week so you don't get bored, he makes it fun and is very encouraging, therefore helping you succeed with your fitness goals. Well worth going along.

  • Profile image for Jon Barnett Fitness Experience
    Jon Barnett Fitness Experience  |  Tuesday, February 12 2013, 9:33PM  |  Report
    Circuit Training

    I first tried Circuit Training because I NEEDED to do something. It wasn't long after training with Jon that I went to Circuit Training because I WANTED to. In my first session, I couldn't do a proper sit up.With Jon's help I can now run, ride and exercise with confidence.