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  • Profile image for lisabl123
    lisabl123  |  Monday, October 28 2013, 7:21PM  |  Report
    Poor Service

    My Mother and Father in Law wanted a nest of tables for their lounge. upon entering the store the lady on reception didn't even look up from her desk, we browsed the store freely and looked at several items of furniture. Upon deciding the right piece my father in law asked the reception what was the 'best price' (as is the norm in most outlets of this kind) she looked at him with distain and stated that the price was indicated and that was it. He asked if there could be any discount to which she replied 'Its already good quality for the price'. The manner and tone in which she spoke to us was extremely rude. However as they had been looking for some time for the right piece they decided to purchase it for the full £189 as it was marked for. Upon taking the piece to the till area we noted that the left front leg bowed in to the bottom, we asked that she looked at this , she did do so and said she could not see this. 4 separate people looked at the tables and it was clear there was a problem with the leg. Upon asking her to look again she said she did not need to as she had already looked at it and couldn't see any issues. When asking if there was another set we could see she inquired ' would you honestly be looking at it that closely if it was in your lounge' my father in law looked at her and replied 'yes besides if I am paying £189 I want it to be right !!!' to which she muttered to herself ' sad' and carried on with her work. We al looked at each other in complete shock at her pure disrespect and lack of any manners. Seeing as the nest of tables was a lot of money and something which would have been displayed and used every day in the family home we found her comments not only rude and distasteful but down right rude!!Neither I nor any member of my family will be recommending this company to anyone in future purposely down to the rudeness of the member of staff !

    Devonshire Pine & Oak  |  Monday, December 02 2013, 10:33AM  |  Report

    Having investigated this regretful matter, I shortly afterwards, responded privately by email to this lady with an apology on behalf of the company and the member of staff involved. I also had a meeting with the relevant staff member to ensure this was an isolated incident and reinforce the message that our customers must be treated with respect at all times. Steve Parker, Showroom Manager, Devonshire Pine & Oak

  • Profile image for MickeyGobes
    MickeyGobes  |  Tuesday, September 25 2012, 10:43AM  |  Report
    Pine Furniture

    Thanks for sharing the information. www.lowennaspinefurniture.co.uk

  • Profile image for grouch_ball
    grouch_ball  |  Friday, September 09 2011, 12:24AM  |  Report
    Devonshire Pine Thanks

    There are varying qualities of pine to suit different budgets, but none are 'flimsy'. Some good sale deals were on when I went. There are nice solid drawer bottoms and backs to the pine wardrobes – they'll last a lifetime. And a large variety of combinations on wardrobes – not just singles, doubles, triples but also extras for space saving or extending like built in shelves, drawers, or external top boxes, bottom boxes. Extras like top and bottom boxes to expand the clothing space can be added at a later date to suit your budget and storage needs. Also lovely subtle choice of country colours – white, ivory, cream, pale pinks, greens, blues. You can spray furniture entirely including handles, or have pine showing on tops, bottoms and handles. The delivery men were polite and efficient but more than that they went the extra mile, helping me move out a couple of bits that were a bit heavy for me and even moving a little doorstop attached to the bedroom floor that enabled me to place the wardrobe in a more convenient location. The furniture only took a few minutes to put into the room as it required a small amount of assembly on the base, top and adding the drawer section. This flexibility of build makes it so easy to get larger pieces of furniture through hallways into rooms in a short time and preventing damage. No more flatpack for me, thanks. This is like getting rid of all the flatpack trouble such as flimsy, parts missing, hours to assemble, possible extra payment to handymen, difficult to move again without it falling apart. But you are keeping all the positives you expect from flatpack such as versatility on fit, easy to move, except it's solid wood furniture which is better than flatpack. The only drawback I can see is you have to wait three weeks for the item to be made to order and delivered. But to be fair I think that is a small price to pay – we are all getting a bit too impatient these days!

  • Profile image for jaldy
    jaldy  |  Tuesday, June 07 2011, 3:05PM  |  Report
    Don't just Pine for Oak - go look at this fantastic selection

    Superb selection of pine & oaqk furniture for the home and office and extremely helpful staff - I liked the fact that they are not pushy or SELLING to you - I was left to browse, on several visits, select and buy ! Well done Clive & team

  • Profile image for Wakeupcall
    Wakeupcall  |  Wednesday, May 05 2010, 6:05AM  |  Report
    Loads of choice

    The choice is brilliant and the quality is excellent and I especially like the upstairs room for seconds where you can get some real bargains.

  • Profile image for will_barrow
    will_barrow  |  Wednesday, April 07 2010, 2:40PM  |  Report
    devonshire pine

    with a beautiful showroom now stocking other woods besides pine, you can easily lose a couple of hours here. the furniture is well made and really solid and there is a delivery service if you are unable to get what you have bought home.
    the staff are really helpful and friendly and will order anything within reason.
    the factory seconds shop is brilliant as most of the time you really can't spot what is wrong with the item. and the price cuts for the seconds are great.
    a good local company

  • Profile image for barbersgirl
    barbersgirl  |  Wednesday, April 07 2010, 4:20AM  |  Report
    that wood do nicely

    Solid furniture built to last, stylish and affordable, can't see the wardrobe to amtch the bed ask the staff they will order it for you. Won't it fit in the car no worries delivery service also provided. A handy tip check out the factory seconds section save some money and try and find the faults because i couldn't.