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  • Profile image for MzOodles
    MzOodles  |  Sunday, September 23 2012, 9:36AM  |  Report
    Great, thank you

    Adam is enthusiastic and very helpful. We found the perfect (medieval) outfit for me, it was ordered in super-fast and it fitted very well. I thought the dress might only last for the one event, but actually it's good quality and will be good for another time or two...! Communication with Adam was always efficient and friendly.

  • Profile image for J_Joz
    J_Joz  |  Tuesday, August 21 2012, 1:52PM  |  Report
    An awesome little shop!

    Just bought an outfit (Peter Pan) from Bonkers. It had a great selection of things to buy, i almost changed my mind on what i was dressing up as! There was plenty to choose from and there was a wide variety for men and women (and kids of course) for sale and for hire. The service was excellent and the staff went above and beyond to find what i needed. He didnt have everything so ordered in what i wanted from his catalogue which was great! He was really friendly, helpful and actually knew what he was talking about which was another plus and pleasant surprise. I also noticed the shop sells prosthetics, liquid latex and other kits/accessories for those who like to go all out. I will definitley be using Bonkers again.

  • Profile image for Collyers Lettings and Sales
    Collyers Lettings and Sales  |  Wednesday, August 01 2012, 11:14AM  |  Report
    Great Costumes

    Good selection of costumes and if they haven't got it the friendly staff will do there upmost to get it for you.

  • Profile image for good_time
    good_time  |  Tuesday, July 31 2012, 11:43PM  |  Report
    Bonkers is Brilliant Fun And Then You Get the Party to Go To

    Just been to Bonkers the new fancy dress shop today and had a great experience. I've sometimes had disappointments with costumes bought on the internet with them not fitting when they arrive, so it's a welcome change to be able to pop into Bonkers to try costumes on before you buy. You can also see some items on models to give you an idea how you will look. It's a buy or hire shop, with outfits and accessories for both adults and children. You can get some very good deals on leading brand costumes there. Bonkers stocks all the traditional costumes you'd expect, such as Batman, Pirates, Cowboys, Super Heros, Flapper Dresses and 1950s Rock 'n' Roll skirts. But you also see more comical/unusual/outlandish fancy dress outfits such as, for fellas, 'Morph Suits' in different colours, 'Mr Blobby', 'Banana' and 'Monk', or, for girls, 'Wild West Pin-Up Girl' and 'Rehab Babe'. Other costumes such as a Storm Trooper, Elvis and Rainbow Characters can be hired. And you can buy all manner of accessories including masks and hats. If you want to order something you can't find in store pop in on a Thursday for help sourcing. Service is very friendly!

  • Profile image for WaSbaby Barnstaple
    WaSbaby Barnstaple  |  Monday, July 30 2012, 2:27PM  |  Report
    Awesome shop, some great items. You have to check this out.

    A great little shop full of fancy dress for all occasions.