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Would you sell your soul for a pint at Ilfracombe pub?

By NDJJoel  |  Posted: May 02, 2013

  • Drinker Mark Law signs his soul for a pint with landlord Nick Waters

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HAVE you ever been so thirsty you would consider selling your soul for a pint?

Well one pub landlord is offering his regular customers a chance to do exactly that.

Skint locals at the Ship and Pilot in Ilfracombe can choose to exchange their soul for a free drink if they are out of money.

Landlord Nick Waters, 33, has already acquired 17 souls with his unique offer and keeps them in frames on the pub wall.

He even managed to sell-on one of the souls to a third party for a huge profit.

Nick, who took over the pub in October, said: “We don’t offer tabs here but if any of our locals are a bit low on cash we offer to buy them a beer in exchange for their soul.

“We got the idea from a Simpsons episode in which Bart sells his soul to his best friend Millhouse for a dollar.

“We only offer it to our regular customers and they have to be skint to take us up on it.

“They can have any drink they want from a pint of ale or bottle of beer to a house double or even a soft drink if that’s what they want.”

Nick has made special certificates which he gets customers to sign to seal the deal and then hangs them on the wall of the pub.

He said: “It costs the customer £10 to buy back their soul and we give the money to charity.

“So far I’ve got 17 and no one has ever wanted to buy theirs back. However, I did sell someone else’s soul to one of his friends for £60.

“The person who bought it is a bit of an eccentric character but he was happy to pay the money.”

Nick said the whole idea was just a bit of fun and that he didn’t see himself as a harvester of souls.

He said: “Most people see it as a joke which is great, but others absolutely refuse to do it because they are really superstitious.

“It’s just something a bit unusual and a great talking point in the bar.”

What do you think about this story? Would you sell your soul for a pint?

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Would you sell your soul for a pint?

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