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It's goodbye North Devon College and hello to Petroc

By This is Exeter  |  Posted: September 23, 2009

  • PETROC STAFF: Rear - Meryl Tanton, Caya Munro and Sarah Chard. Front - Sarah Dart and Gina Meadows, holding copies of the new prospectus.

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PETROC has been revealed as the new name for North Devon College.

The name was revealed to staff and students at 10.40am today.

Principal David Dodd said the merger of North Devon College with East Devon College meant both names had to go.

The college has worked with a company called Interbrand to come up with the new name, brand and logo.

New logo for Petroc College

Revealing the new name Mr Dodd said: "In a series of language and naming exercises, we explored perceptions of Devon, of the colleges and its people.

"Around 200 people generated 400 different possible names. But ultimately, and overwhelmingly, one word – one name – emerged from the workshops. Our new name is: Petroc."

Mr Dodd said: "Petroc is now, the times we're living in.

"Though ancient in origin, Petroc has the look and sound of a modern word. It could be coined today.

"And, having reinvented itself, Petroc is now redefining us. We've trademarked the word and our logo — or wordmark — is the primary means of identifying Petroc."

Petroc reached 20,000 learners a year, from all over the country.

It is a business with a turnover of up to £40 million per year and employs almost 1,200 staff in locations across north, east and mid Devon, as well as north Cornwall.

Funds for the rebranding were allocated by the Learning and Skills Council. The project is due for completion by September 2010.

The total budget is £330,000 and the college says the most substantial items of expenditure are yet to come.

The college will now use the Petroc brand on signs, vehicles and stationery.

Anticipating criticism that Petroc is a Cornish name, the college said in a statement: "Petroc is a Celtic name that has connections with Cornwall but even stronger links with Devon where the county's flag is dedicated to him.

"Cornwall's main patron saint is St Piran, whose flag is recognised as the Cornish national symbol.

"St Petroc was born in Wales but primarily ministered to the people of sixth century Dumnonia (now Devon, Cornwall and parts of Somerset and Dorset).

"He is one of Cornwall's patron saints but there are 17 churches dedicated to him in Devon, while there are just five in Cornwall."

Click here to read David Dodd's full speech.

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  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Tom, Barnstaple  |  November 06 2009, 8:23PM

    Still can't get over how bad this name is. Just say it to yourself a few times, it doesn't sound right, does it? And yet this Mr. Dodd will not listen to the majority of views about the name, that in it's self tells you something about the person.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Media Lab, Media Lab  |  November 02 2009, 10:01AM

    CRAPPIEST NAME EVER!!! Keep up the hatred people dont let this die out!! We need dood to go down and the name to be changed!!

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    jayjay, Exmoor  |  October 22 2009, 2:24PM

    Pathetic, and an insult to Devon. A name with Welsh and Cornish roots is entirely innappropriate, who cares if the person spent time in Devon? And not least, an horrific waste of taxpayers' money. All typical of the publicity-seeking Mr Dodd. Add least he didn't call it "Dodd College".

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    helyne jennings, Burrington, N Devon  |  October 22 2009, 10:29AM

    'The total budget is £330,000 and the college says the most substantial items of expenditure are yet to come.' Lucky Interbrand for landing such a lucrative job and arriving at such an inovative name that does as you so rightly point out relate more to Cornwall in the minds of many people! Oddly enough Falmouth have one of the country's most prestigious colleges and didn't feel the need to be branded in this way. Perhaps money would have been more wisely spent on arranging for adequate parking for students and tutors and for student accommodation as in Exeter. Spending so much on a name that clearly has existed for a few hundred years smacks of more 'Emperors New Cloths' syndrome. Helyne

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    D Hare, North Devon  |  October 22 2009, 7:35AM

    How Much???? This has got to be a wind-up. And how can the name possibly be trademarked? North Devon College, which was a recognised brand said exactly what is says on the tin. Pertroc, if anything, sounds like an oil company!!! rubbish.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Nicola, Devon  |  October 21 2009, 10:35AM

    I think this is horrendous. Surely it's questionable that the name for a college (which should surely be aspirational) shares it's name with the Westcountry charity for homeless people. I think it's an appalling oversight. and seriously undermines the credibility of the College and the wonderful work of the St. Petroc's organisation.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Staff, NDC  |  October 21 2009, 8:36AM

    Still absolutely fuming about the cringeworthy rebranding. It really does show how completely out of touch with the real world, and especially the world that NDC & EDC represent, the people who made the decision actually are. Expensive, flashy slogans can't hide the fact it has created a massive wave of negativity, from within the college and from outside directed in Here's a slogan for you PATRONISING INSULTING EMBARRASSING PATHETIC

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Erica, Barnstaple  |  October 17 2009, 9:06PM

    Its just a stupid as those stones on the roundabout.....maybe hew got the idea from them! why couldn't it be the Barum college or Twyford college at least they would still have a connection....mind you thinking about it it must be to do with them stone "pet-roc".....

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Redleader1, Barnstaple  |  October 17 2009, 2:55PM

    Hahahahaha...... I think its a pretty lame name to be honest....surely they could have though of something better than Petroc....and aint it of more cornish releavence? A bit like those rocks on the roundabout coming from bodmin or where ever it was. Hey how about we just change the name of barnstaple while we are at it.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Student, North Devon  |  October 14 2009, 1:48PM

    A complete waste of money. Fair enough the name had to be changed but does it really cost 330k?! The money could have been well spent elsewhere!! The college has poor staff coverage - i've had countless lessons where a teacher has been away and another teacher has to leave the class they are teaching to do the register. The college also has very poor parking facilities, forcing us student to park in housing estates which is annoying for the residents living nearby. But where else are we mean't to park?! Also last year I had 3 different psychology teachers (one for each lesson a week) which ended up in my class being behind. One of my teachers was sacked due to poor teaching, which should've happened at the beginning of the year!! Anyways my point is its a total waste of money & no-one even calls it Petroc!