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My review of Woolacombe and the surf !

By emilyfurness3  |  Posted: February 27, 2013

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Catching some of my biggest waves in North Devon, it is the idealplace to play around in with waves from knee height to well over head height whatever your stage. You'll feel stoked after anywave. My personal favourite being woolacombe Beach. It has such a nice vibe assoon as you set foot on the sand. The beach ispretty exposed but has a reef break that has pretty consistent surf so it worksall year round any season any time perfect! I even go in minus conditions not many people are crazyenough to brace the ice, so it ends up just being me and the ocean at timesjust the way I like it . But even as the most passionate surfer there is onething that will stop you from catching that last wave in Woolacombe and thatcould only be the Red Barn Hawaiian burger. A surf bar overlooking the whole ofbeautiful Woolacombe and a massive burger after an amazing session surroundedby lovely people what could be better. Everyone's so friendly no matter where you'refrom you would feel like you've walked back into your home town. You couldeasily chill out in the red barn all day and night but with some many places tohang out that just hits the mark as a surfer. I'd recommend flip flopping your waysround the whole sea side resort exploring every corner.

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