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REGIONAL: Woman falls from a bridge on M5 motorway, blockage in both directions

By North Devon Journal  |  Posted: December 30, 2016


M5 is blocked in both directions.

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THE M5 is blocked in both directions this afternoon after a woman was rushed to hospital having fallen from a motorway bridge.

Long delays have taken place following the incident, which completely blocked the M5 in both directions.

The woman is understood to have fallen from the bridge at Junction 20 (Clevedon) at about 12.40pm.

She was taken to hospital with severe leg injuries.

An update at 2.10pm reported the motorway had been reopened.


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  • Batfitch  |  January 06 2017, 2:13PM

    There's a bit of a difference between commenting on newspaper articles and stopping all the traffic on the principal trunk road to and from the south west!

    |   1
  • Tonyr76  |  December 31 2016, 8:40PM

    Reeva, it has nothing to do with politics, its about having compassion for people full stop. If anyone is after attention its you.

    |   2
  • Batfitch  |  December 31 2016, 3:20PM

    Oh gosh, have I rattled the lefty lycra luvvies cages now... ****MAO...

    |   -15
  • Batfitch  |  December 31 2016, 12:41AM

    If someone is driven by their demons to suicide then why must society tolerate them choosing to cause maximum disruption to other people? There is nothing unreasonable to ask and expect that! What of the traumatised, for life, car and train drivers who see these lemmings and cannot avoid them - the leftist luvvies are always so selfish that it beggars belief they only see one side of the equation! If it's not attention seeking craftybabe then why on earth would you even say what you just have? It's hardly normal and you should recognise that. Pieces on this story in the national press indicate the Polcie want to trace a cyclist who was on the bridge at the same moment, perhaps for once it wasn't attempted suicide - perhaps this was attempted manslaughter by a cyclist. All the more reason for bicycles to have to display a registration number like other vehicles.

    |   -26
  • craftybabe  |  December 30 2016, 8:05PM

    Hope the lady gets help if she did try to take her life. How about you start closer to home Batfitch....I mean I have tried 3 times this year to take my life does that make me selfish. I would now given half the chance but seems when I go out now a lot of people watch me and keep a eye on me.....Can't blame them.No one whilst doing this act thinks of anything other than taking there life.You do not realize the hassle and trouble at the time it is only after. It is not attention seeking either. Why try to explain to you. You do not care for anyone but yourself and causing trouble on North Devon Journal post's. That poor women and her family now just hope she is getting the help she needs now.

    |   2
  • Tonyr76  |  December 30 2016, 6:31PM

    Get lost. You spiteful cow. The inconvenience of sitting in a car for a couple of hours pales to insignificance compared to what this woman and her friends and family would be going through. If this poor woman did try to kill herself she needs help, not vindictiveness like this. It shows a complete misunderstanding and disregard to mental health. You should be ashamed of yourself, but you wont be. It is so obvious who you are, you've clearly already had one of your identities banned, so you thought you would carry on with this one.

    |   2
  • Batfitch  |  December 30 2016, 5:07PM

    Fallen... not likely is it, really! How about selfish attention seeking, and threatening self harm in such a manner as to cause maximum inconvenience to others...

    |   5


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