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Regional News: Devon woman found snake in her bathroom

By NDJJoe  |  Posted: January 11, 2017

Devon woman found snake in her bathroom

Devon woman found snake in her bathroom

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A woman came home to find this snake in her bathroom.

Christine Mitchell got the nasty surprise after a shopping trip.

She spotted the 2ft corn snake wrapped around her bathroom curtain rail.

Christine, from Devon, said: "I saw my curtain hanging down.

''I went to have a look and saw a little face looking back at me.

"I was terrified and ran to go and get my neighbour - he suggested we ring the RSPCA to come and collect it.

''I hope someone comes forward to claim the snake - but I'd suggest keeping it locked up securely so no one else gets a fright."

The RSPCA inspector took the snake away and is now appealing for the owner to come forward.

RSPCA inspector Jo Pearson said: "The caller returned home from shopping and noticed her bathroom curtain rail hanging off at one end..

''When she went to reattach it she found the small corn snake sat on the curtain rail and called us.

"Luckily it was still there when I got there, I suspect it has come out of a neighbouring flat but we haven't had anyone claim it yet.

"Snakes are excellent at escaping through tight gaps and they are very strong.

''We urge owners to ensure that their vivaria are kept locked and secure to prevent such escapes."

RSPCA senior scientific manager in wildlife Dr Ros Clubb said: "Corn snakes are one of the most commonly-kept exotic pets - and they are particularly good at escaping!

"Exotic pets such as corn snakes have increased in popularity and the number of calls to the RSPCA about reptiles has risen dramatically in recent years.

"These are amazing animals but they can be challenging to care for."

The snake is currently being looked after in specialist private boarding.


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