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25 Hillcrest Road
EX32 9EP

Phone: 01271 440674

Mobile: 07979804599

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9.15am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday, weekends too if required.


Lick-A-Lot Dog Grooming

By www.thecornmarketgallery.com | Friday, October 05 2012

Dog Grooming

“Excellent friendly service”

  • Dog grooming & cat grooming
  • Small animal grooming
  • Mobile grooming service
  • City & Guilds Dog Grooming
  • On site "wash 'n' go"
  • Fully insured with a policy of care

Keep your dog and your household clean and healthy

Dog grooming benefits both your dog and your household. It keeps your carpets, rugs and home clean and tidy, picks up on health problems and parasites early on and keeps your dog clean and hygienic. But dog grooming can be a bit messy and isn't always a pleasant experience for your dog. And that's where Lick-A-Lot Dog Grooming come in.

We offer one-on-one professional dog grooming in Barnstaple in a stress free environment, ensuring your dog doesn't dread bath time. Our comprehensive service covers everything from bathing and trimming to nail clipping, helping you keep your home hair-free. And we take the mess off your hands – no more sharing the bath tub!

We've got everything covered and as we're a small independent company we'll do everything we can to offer a convenient service. For example, we work flexible hours to fit around your busy schedule. We offer a local collection and delivery service, causing you minimum disruption. And of course, we save you buying specialist dog grooming products.

We should also mention that we're all fully certified and fully insured dog lovers –so you can rest assured your dog is in good hands!

So make sure your home stays clean and tidy and your dog stays fit and healthy. Call Lick-A-Lot Dog Grooming in Barnstaple for more information now.

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