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    Cycle paths or services?

    I SHOULD like to congratulate Mike Sutton on his letter "Conflict on the roads" in which he mentions difficulties that face cyclists who choose to...

  • It's the right moral choice

    IN January the House of Lords voted by a margin of two to one to support Lord Falconer's Assisted Dying Bill.On September 11, the House of Commons will consider...

  • Petition for our defence

    CALLING readers with computer access – please support a petition to the United Kingdom Government to increase spending on the country's defence.The number...

  • Losing fight against litter

    EACH week we read the councillors are trying to tackle litter being deliberately thrown seven days a week.Now I have some bad news, but also some good...

  • Kids were having fun

    I HAVE long been concerned that "health and safety" is depriving today's kids of lots of fun, and the chance to experience and learn from taking some...