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    DevonDuckling  |  Wednesday, August 28 2013, 12:05PM  |  Report

    How relieved am I that I took my Audi to Jamie to have the electric windows fixed. 2 years ago I was told by another garage that it would cost me at least £800 to replace the panel on the drivers door that operates the electric windows. I have not been able to find £800 for this small job so have been driving the car with only 2 windows that open for 2 years! The driver side being one that DIDNT open :( I was recommended to get Jamie to look at it - so dropped the car off on a Sat morning, went shopping for an hour and returned to tentatively enquire if he had any luck finding the problem. To my astonishment the windows were all working and operating from drivers door panel!! Just a couple broken wires he said - all done! Wow well whatever - great job!... I am certainly enjoying the wind in my hair and the summer sunshine now!!