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Beautiful You Photo Makeover Experiences

Beautiful You Photo Makeover

“What an amazing Photographer. Steve Nuth, with his kindess and patience, captures through his camera lens what others might miss. He can transform an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan and bring out the very best in the beautiful people. A true Professional who captures scenes with imagination and nostalgia. I would not hesitate to recommend him. ”

By Muddiford Inn | Friday, March 22 2013

Beautiful You Makeover Photo Experiences are brought to you by Steve Nuth Photography Studios in Barnstaple & Exeter, Devon.

Steve N...

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  • Profile image for LaurenPanter
    LaurenPanter  |  Sunday, May 04 2014, 11:26AM  |  Report

    I had such a lovely day with both Steve and Connie. Before hand I was really nervous, however they both made me feel very welcomed as they were easy to chat to, and such lovely people. I thought the makeover was lovely and that i could probably never accomplish the style on my own! Also before the shoot, i was very anxious that i'd be awkward when posing for the photo's, however I felt very laid back, and by the end of it I was really relaxed and found it really fun! I highly recommend to anybody! Thankyou Steve and Connie :)

  • Profile image for n_degabrielle
    n_degabrielle  |  Friday, April 11 2014, 9:52AM  |  Report
    The ultimate photo experience- a must do!

    I spent an afternoon with Steve and Trude for the beautiful you makeover experience, I was very nervous on arrival but couldn't have been put more at ease by the very professional approach that I was presented with. Trude was amazing, chatty, funny and outstanding at what she does, transforming and perfecting a look comes natural to her, such an artist! Steve was fantastic with his support and advice throughout the shoot, creating a fun, laid back experience in a very professional manner. I loved every second of my time spent with them and would absolutely highly recommend this to anyone of any age! A massive confidence boost! Thank you Steve and Trude

  • Profile image for Rachel321
    Rachel321  |  Monday, June 17 2013, 10:06PM  |  Report
    Such an amazing afternoon.

    I had such a lovely time at the photo shoot with Steve Nuth today. Trude is absolutely brilliant, hair and makeup was done quickly and looked lovely. Steve is such a professional photographer, which definitely shows in the photo's. A lovely break from the real world. I would definitely recommend it! Thank you Steve and Trude.

  • Profile image for K801981
    K801981  |  Friday, May 31 2013, 12:38PM  |  Report
    BEST Experience! More than I could ever have imagined!

    I had the most amazing experience with the very talented Steve Nuth photographer and Beautiful You Photo Makeover Experiences. It was more than I could ever have imagined. Right from the start (when I first made contact) Steve was the ultimate professional but still able to be friendly and welcoming. He listens to you, the customer, and makes sure that he puts his creative ideas across without taking away from your original requests. The actual day was amazing, relaxed and friendly. Steve makes you feel important and confident in a very subtle and professional way. His sense of humour soon relaxes you and everything starts to feel really natural. It was my dream to have a photo shoot done in the style that I did, but not in my wildest dreams did I think it would come out as good as it did… Steve did that! He literally made my dream come true. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone… in fact, I think EVERY girl should have the opportunity to experience this day, it is amazing for boosting self-confidence and self esteem and Steve does that in a way that is respectful and professional. One of the best days of my life so far! Thank you!x

  • Profile image for mummyjess1098
    mummyjess1098  |  Saturday, May 04 2013, 6:25PM  |  Report
    amazing day!

    Me and my two sisters decided to do a shoot with Steve and trude after I met Steve at a charity night out. We had an amazing day. Steve makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and very confident. Trude is lovely and she makes you look and feel beautiful. I highly recommend this dynamic duo for your pics. Or even just a fun day out!amazing day for an amazing price! Thanks x

  • Profile image for smiley74
    smiley74  |  Saturday, May 04 2013, 8:20AM  |  Report
    Beautiful Memories

    This was not my first experience of Steve's photography - he has pictured my children before, but it was the first time that I had ever had a 'make-over' and photos taken by myself (I shared a mother/daughter shoot). Trude really pampers you and Steve totally relaxes you and takes his time so that you don't feel rushed. Steve's image's are stunning and the whole experience was fantastic leaving us both with beautiful memories and a gorgeous collection of photos, well worth the investment. Thank you Trude and Steve.

  • Profile image for Sports massage therapy - Emma Edgecombe
    Sports massage therapy - Emma Edgecombe  |  Wednesday, April 10 2013, 10:11PM  |  Report
    Great experience!

    This was my first experience with Steve and Trude but I'm so glad I took the plunge into the unknown! Throughout I felt happy in my own skin, I also felt at ease and able to show a natural smile. Although Steve did help with positioning and what looked best! That was great! The quality of the photos were fabulous! I would not hesitate to recommend. Thanks again to all involved :) Emma

  • Profile image for vickij
    vickij  |  Tuesday, April 02 2013, 10:58PM  |  Report
    What A Talented Photographer

    I never thought I would have the confidence to do anything like this! But Steve and Trude were so lovely to work with and made me feel amazing. The photos were fantastic and I couldn't believe I could actually look that good! I think everyone should give it a go, especially with this team, definitely makes you realise how beautiful you really are, and for a person with little self confidence this has been an amazing discovery. Thank you so much Steve and trude!

  • Profile image for CharB1906
    CharB1906  |  Monday, April 01 2013, 6:09PM  |  Report
    Beauty All Round

    Steve's photo shoot was the first shoot I had on my own. It was my 18th birthday present and wouldn't change it for anything!! The shoots were amazing and for once I didn't look like a mug behind the camera. He was so relaxed, fun and cheaky. I trusted him and this resulted in a wonderful experience with beautiful pictures at a beautiful price!!

  • Profile image for Elderberry
    Elderberry  |  Thursday, March 28 2013, 8:28AM  |  Report
    Brilliant, fun, relaxed!

    I've had two shoots with Steve now and it was a real confidence boost! He is a very talented photographer and made me and my friends and family very relaxed and comfortable whilst having our photos taken! He has done some amazing photos and is really a great man to work with, whether in a girly make over shoot or a family one :)

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