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Deadly MRSA superbug 'found in pork from two UK supermarkets'

By North Devon Journal  |  Posted: October 03, 2016


Deadly MRSA superbug 'found in pork from two British supermarkets'

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The deadly superbug MRSA has been found in pork products sold at supermarkets in the UK.

An investigation by the Guardian found meat from British pigs was contaminated with the livestock strain of MRSA.

The paper found that three products sold at Asda and Sainsbury's contained the bug.

The human strain of the virus, which is killed during thorough cooking, is responsible for hundreds of deaths in hospitals each year.

The Guardian looked at 97 pork products which were produced in the UK and found two from Asda and one from Sainsbury's tested positive for the virus.

It carried out the investigation with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and said 'without action' the UK could face an MRSA fight on par with Denmark, where the virus 'afflicts two-thirds of pig farms'.

The paper also found that a loophole in import rules means infected meat from countries like Denmark could also end up on British shelves.

Professor Tim Lang, from the Centre for Food Policy at City University in London, told the Guardian: "If we don't have tight infection control and we don't try to control the movement of live animals, infection can spread.

"The British are up in arms about the movement of people, but the EU also has a large movement of animals.

"We need biosecurity, we need to tighten up this livestock movement. You may get cheap meat, but in the long term it's going to add to your public health problems."

Asda declined to comment on the Guardian's findings, while Sainsbury's said presence of the virus in British pork is 'very uncommon'.

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  • Reeva  |  October 04 2016, 11:27PM

    Not gonna worry, not when 30% of human beings have similar, or identical, infections living in their nasal passages - according to pre-op' swabs routinely taken to detect the MRSA bu in humans...

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  • splittie65  |  October 04 2016, 10:02AM

    MRSA is a bacteria, not a virus. No antibiotic will kill any virus.

    |   2


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