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Wind power is unreliable

By North Devon Journal  |  Posted: October 17, 2013

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I write to express my concerns regarding the proposed Atlantic Array in the Bristol Channel.

We are told that this planned project is scheduled to take 11 years to complete and that the turbines are to be secured by driving piles into the seabed.

The area under consideration is in the order of nine miles from Lundy Island where there is a Marine Conservation Area that is now acknowledged to be very important, and is a model for other areas that are planned around the coasts of the UK.

Marine life is very sensitive to vibration which is very damaging to its environment. The shock waves generated by an 11-year pile driving operation will drive any sea life that can move away from Bideford Bay and render the area sterile.

This will also apply to the flora and fauna that we now see in and around the rocks of our beautiful coastline.

Wind power is not reliable or predictable, and, in a matter of hours can vary from nothing to a howling gale.

Either one of these extremes of weather will result in the turbines being switched off as we so often see with land-based units.

We live on an island that has one of the world's largest tidal ranges that ebb and flow four times in 24 hours. This is totally predictable. We should be looking at making use of this and building water turbines, an asset that can be safely managed and maintained, not a hideous mistake that will be the legacy we leave for generations yet unborn.

We do not own this wonderful part of England, we are its stewards, and it is incumbent on us to look after it wisely and sensitively.

There are those who would cheerfully sell their birthright in order to line their pockets. These are the real enemies of progress, who are only interested in making a quick profit with no regard to the consequences.


Peter Marland.

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  • Luckyme  |  October 21 2013, 11:09AM

    Robin, Your talking rubbish! The largest oil field ever found will soon be on line off the coast of Brazil. With Fracking we have enough gas to keep us going for ever and once Nuclear gets going again we really wont have a problem. So say a big NO to those useless wind turbines.

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  • Robin1966  |  October 17 2013, 1:45PM

    Not so actually Mr Marland. A comprehensive study by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) in conjunction with GL Garrad Hassan found that "Wind power can significantly reduce carbon emissions, is reliable, poses no threat to energy security, and is technically capable of providing a significant proportion of the UK's electricity supply with minimal impact on the existing operation of the grid," "With continuing government support, the average wind farm globally may produce power at costs that compete with fossil fuels as soon as 2016." What you and other wind farm protesters seem to forget is that the environment we all love so much will be ruined anyway, and considerably more seriously I might add, by climate change unless we do something to stop and/or hopefully reverse it. Those generations unborn you mention will be living in a hellish environment if we don't address this issue quickly. You don't have a choice, if you want to live in a wealthy society with a high consumption rate, you need to generate the energy to sustain that. The current fossil fuel based energy (which is depleting anyway as major fields dry up) is responsible for climate change that will destroy the environment you are so concerned about protecting from wind farms. Wind energy is therefore the lesser of the two evils, unless you want to return to living in a medieval society.