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The West Country Outsiders

By sarahbatten  |  Posted: February 05, 2013

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The Outsiders Club, founded by Dr Tuppy Owens in 1979, isfor adults who want to live life to the full. Outsiders is run by members as an unique club for physically andsocially disabled and isolated people, who are looking to meet people, makefriends and potentially find a partner. The club has members all over the UKand even abroad.  Members can contacteach other and meet up at the various Outsiders lunches and events around thecountry.  All our members are capable ofrunning their own affairs.


The West Country Outsiders started in 2007 and I took overbeing host and organiser four years ago. We meet up on the third Saturday ofevery month at different venues for lunch and/or exciting places ofinterest.  The lunches and events areinformal, relaxed and fun, creating a safe environment for meeting newpeople. 


I am 40 years old and have Cerebral Palsy.  I am a wheelchair user and I use aLightwriter with people who aren't used to my speech.  I found it very difficult to find a partner, due to my speech impairment and shyness.  Through the internet, I found Outsiders andbecame a member seven years ago.  At thattime my nearest Outsiders lunch was in Birmingham, which I attended a fewtimes.  It was at the Birmingham lunchthat I first caught sight of my partner. Then my partner became a regular at the West Country lunches. Threeyears later we finally started going out and earlier this year he moved down tobe near me.  We are now waiting for abungalow so we can live together, just like any other couple.  There are many other happy couples around thecountry, all thanks to Outsiders.


For me, not only have I found a partner through Outsiders,but organising and hosting the West Country lunches and events has given me areal sense of purpose too.  It is truethe more members put into the club, the more members get out of the club.  Finding and having a partner may take time,so perseverance and determination is sometimes required.  In the meantime you can be making new friendsand becoming as involved with the club as you wish. 


Outsiders offer advice, guidance, privacy and support to itsmembers.  All members are treated withrespect and are expected to treat each other with respect too.


You are very welcome to join us —visit our website www.outsiders.org.uk


Sarah Batten



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