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UKIP reveals North Devon parliamentary candidate

By This is NorthDevon  |  Posted: January 22, 2010

Steve Crowther of UKIP

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STEPHEN Crowther will be the UK Independence Party candidate for North Devon at the general election.

The 53-year-old is a former trade journalist and writer.

He ran an advertising agency in London which specialised in marketing technology.

The father-of-two lives in Heanton with his wife Caroline and grew up in the Bickington area of North Devon.

He said this year's election was going to be the most important and significant election for 100 years.

He claimed people were disillusioned with the political elite.

"This area has always been deeply sceptical about the EU and the people in Westminster and over the past 12 months they have been proved right about both."

Mr Crowther said UKIP was a serious contender in the election with a full range of policies.

These included increased spending on defence and above all removing the country from the European Union.

He said: "As a country we pay £45 million pounds every day to other member states of the European Union.

"Just think what could be achieved in North Devon with a fraction of that money."

● Learn more about Mr Crowther in next Thursday's North Devon Journal.

● The other North Devon candidates confirmed for the next general election, which many believe will happen in May, are: Nick Harvey (Lib Dem); Philip Milton (Conservative); Mark Cann (Labour); Rodney Cann (Ind); and Nigel Vidler (English Democrats).

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  • Profile image for This is NorthDevon
    Sue Taylor, gloucestershire  |  February 06 2010, 1:16PM

    Steve Crowther is the only candidate in North Devon to warrant a vote in the general election, because he is the only one who represents a party that genuinely cares about this country and the people of this country, and who have fought consistently for the benefit and good of this country. If you fail to give UKIP your vote at the election and choose to elect more of same nonesense we have experienced in the last 12 years or think the conservatives will serve you any better, then please don't moan and complain when you discover the consequences of that vote, as it will be too late then. Do your country proud and vote for a party who is proud of their country.

  • Profile image for This is NorthDevon
    George Subtle, Bradworthy  |  January 26 2010, 7:03PM

    So, UKIP - the wussy BNP or just Tories for Dummies? The choice is yours! Or just vote for a real party, whatever.

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  • Profile image for This is NorthDevon
    nick, holsworthy  |  January 26 2010, 2:14PM

    That reminds me, are The Monster Raving Looney Party fielding a candidate this year?

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  • Profile image for This is NorthDevon
    NDJ, Barnstaple  |  January 26 2010, 11:34AM

    David The Green party has yet to announce the name of its prospective parliamentary candidate for North Devon. The previous PPC Ricky Knight is to contest a seat in Bristol. We'll update you when the Green Party names its candidate. As far as we are aware they have not given up.

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  • Profile image for This is NorthDevon
    David Lake, Drifting.  |  January 26 2010, 11:24AM

    Dear NDJ, Have you missed out the Green Candidate, in your list of the folk standing, above? Have the Greens given up, or have you (slightly unkindly) forgotten them?

    |   -1
  • Profile image for This is NorthDevon
    Juan King, Barum  |  January 25 2010, 6:48PM

    David Beagley: You seem to believe that politicians, be they prospective or actual members of parliament, are capable of telling the truth.. Nice one! Have the events of last year proved nothing to you about the true nature of politics in this country? Honesty is the very last requisite of a politician. Believe it or not, we don't really need leaders, or the current system of democracy. What we need is to replace this corrupt system with a state in which we are allowed to govern ourselves as individuals. We are sensible and rational people and we can do it. Why on earth do we need these self-interested, over-privileged buffoons to make decisions for us about our best interests? Rant over. Cue Philip Milton.

  • Profile image for This is NorthDevon
    David Beagley, Ilfracombe, Devon  |  January 25 2010, 3:52PM

    Congratulations UKIP you have a first class PPC in Steve Crowther. It would seem that it is the Conservatives that are the most worried by the UKIP popularity but I feel that it should be noted that the UKIP membership is pulled from all 3 big parties equally. The conservative PPC Philip Milton keeps telling us that he is eurosceptic, so why is he a conservative? After all it was the tories that took us into this terrible club and it is the tories that wont say sorry and pull us out. We can't afford the £50 million a day (latest figures). So if Mr Milton is a genuine eurosceptic then I would expect him to leave the Conservative party just as I did. It obviously can't be changed from within so Philip get out now whilst you still have some credibility, and support UKIP.

  • Profile image for This is NorthDevon
    Grenville, 33 Shorelands Road Barnstaple  |  January 25 2010, 1:56PM

    Good luck Steve, you are right, we need REAL change. We dont want Gordon Brown and we dont want 'cast iron' Cameron, because there is really no difference. Puppet government run from Brussels is no good for North Devon or Britain. Look what the EU has already to fishing, farming and our Post Offices. Lets have a Swiss style govt based on local & national referenda, to give power back to the people. Grenville.

  • Profile image for This is NorthDevon
    Steve Crowther, Heanton  |  January 25 2010, 12:36PM

    Thank you to Philip for his congratulations. I, too, hope that many Lib-Dem as well as previously Conservative voters will see UKIP as the option for real change, and the only way to rid ourselves of the burden of the EU. Martin, I will be delighted to have a sensible and open debate on Europe (which I love) and the EU (which I don't). It requires no insults or abuse, just an analysis of whether we gain or lose from becoming part of the new European state, and whether we are happy to give up our right to self-government, our legal rights (such as presumption of innocence and habeas corpus), our independent armed services, control of our borders, our fishing industry, our livestock farming¿ If you'd like to contact me directly, you can do so via http://northdevon.ukip.org

  • Profile image for This is NorthDevon
    David Lake, Drifting.  |  January 25 2010, 11:44AM

    Hi Mr Crowther, Congratulations on your selection. You are quite right that most folk are really fed up with those who currently represent us. I am very much looking forward to seeing your manifesto. With luck your write-up in the NDJ this week will tell us more of what you and your party are standing for. Given that Philip Milton (Hi Philip!) seems to be losing votes by the minute with his overconfident attitude, you may do very well indeed. And yes, Tories depress me, too.