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UKIP Devon County Councillor described as a “dingbat” by Bideford councillor

By NDJFayeG  |  Posted: May 22, 2014

  • Robin Julian

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A UKIP Devon County Councillor was described as a “dingbat” by a councillor at a Bideford Town Council meeting last week.

On Thursday, May 15, Councillor David Brenton made the comment after councillors agreed they would write to Devon County Council to request Robin Julian and his fellow Ukip county councillor Gaston Dezart would “benefit from some training”.

Councillor Roger Vanstone submitted to the council that he would like to contact Devon County Council to suggest that “we are unhappy with the performance of Councillor Julian and feel he and then us would benefit from some training”.

It was later agreed that the council suggest Mr Dezart would profit from some training too.

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Neither Mr Julian nor Mr Dezart were at the meeting.

Speaking about Mr Julian, Mr Brenton said: “People voted for this dingbat.

“People decided they wanted two Ukip councillors and they got them. Two people who have not got a clue what they are doing.”

In the meeting, a report from Mr Julian was read out, but the information on it was described as having “no substance”.

Councillor Anne Brenton described the piece of paper as being “bizarre”.

She added: “My eight-year-old grandson could do a better report on what he did in his Easter holidays. There is no substance to it.”

Councillor Peter Christie agreed, saying he was “perplexed by the notes”.

He said he wanted to know what the Ukip councillors were actually doing for Bideford and the community.

“We are not getting our money’s worth, they really do need training,” added Mr Vanstone.

Mr Julian has hit back at the remarks, which he described as “snide”, saying he and Mr Dezart did not need training and they all needed to “work together to move things forward for Bideford”.

He said: “I am trying my best, we both are. We are both proactive councillors and I am sick of these snide remarks, I am not even going to rise to the comment about my report.

“We are a new party and they do not like it, that’s what it boils down too. We tell them how it is, we are honest, rather than being politically correct.

“I am not shirking my responsibilities. We all need to work together to move things forward for Bideford, rather than the town council constantly making these sarcastic remarks at me.”

The Journal tried to contact Mr Dezart but he was not available for comment.

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