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Regional pay 'emotive'

By North Devon Journal  |  Posted: December 13, 2012

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THERE are some very emotive letters being printed regarding the issue of regional pay in the health service and having looked into the figures I wonder if the writers of these missives all work in the public sector, or if they just don't know the facts.

Latest figures available (2011) show average national earnings at £26,244 ,while the figure for North Devon is £16,937. Which means that the average employed person in this area receives £9,307 per annum less than the average for the country. Quite shocking isn't it?

With the exception, that is, of public sector workers who are paid at national rates.

This means that the Health Service workers who are, (and it's not difficult to see why) making such a fuss about the introduction of regional rates are in fact very highly paid by local standards.

So when you next see their demonstration and they ask you to "toot" to show your support , remember that they are asking you to show that you agree that they should be paid 59 per cent more than you. Are you still going to "toot"?

It is also worth remembering that it is not "the Government's" money that pays the high salaries, pensions and perks of civil servants, it is your taxes.

We all, I am sure, shop around to try to get best value when purchasing virtually anything, so let's support anyone who is doing the same thing on our behalf with regards to public services. It's comforting to think that there are people in responsible positions who are looking after our interests and our money.

Bernard Maskell,


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  • Kageyseven  |  December 14 2012, 8:39AM

    The next time you are in hospital Mr Maskell and require somebody to wipe your bum perhaps you could share your opinions with my partner who is an HCA at NDDH and ears a salary less than the average North devon wage of £16.937, and certainly only dreams of earning the national average of £26,244, which you assume she earns. And for this salary she works days, nights, weekends, bank holidays, christmas and new year. Can you not see the reality from the ivory towers of Croyde?, which is an area far beyond the financial reach of the majority of public sector employees in North Devon.

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  • judyg  |  December 13 2012, 8:35PM

    You are comparing chalk and cheese - many public sector workers are highly skilled, often graduates, whose jobs cannot really be compared to the private sector. Not to mention that much of the local private sector work is low skilled and therefore low paid - catering, seasonal, retail, factory - of course physios, nurses, teachers, social workers are going to have higher pay in comparison!

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  • Sue200  |  December 13 2012, 5:20PM

    Totally agree with Nickers99. My son is a specialist physio and he would love to come and work near home but if regional pay is implemented he can't afford to. He would still pay the same for utility bills and fuel in North Devon, council tax is only £10 cheaper than the equivalent in Berkshire. He might as well stay there!

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  • Nickers_99  |  December 13 2012, 12:30PM

    Yes, let's perpetuate the gap between workers in the South West and the rest of the country. Why should a newly qualified nurse or physio come and work in North Devon when they can earn 59% more working elsewhere? How can that be good for local NHS services?

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