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Party guest is jailed for South Molton glass attack

By North Devon Journal  |  Posted: December 28, 2012

A BIRTHDAY party guest has been jailed for a glassing attack at a rugby club which left a young rally driver with scarring on his face.

Ashley White, 23, had been a friend of victim Ashley Hagon until they fell out in an argument over cars which flared up when they were at the same party in South Molton.

White followed amateur rally driver Mr Hagon outside when he went for a cigarette and threw a glass which hit him square in the face and shattered, leaving deep cuts.

Mr Hagon needed 22 stitches, suffered blurred vision, and lost six weeks work as a result of his injuries, Exeter Crown Court was told.

White, of Cooks Cross, South Molton, admitted causing grievous bodily harm and was jailed for eight months by Judge Erik Salomonsen.

The judge told him:"You originally said this was an accident but you now accept the crown's case that you threw the glass from five to six feet away. You went outside the club saying that it was going to kick off and tried to punch the victim, who sustained an injury to his face..

"Those who use weapons, particularly a glass, will receive the appropriate sentence.

"I accept you are fundamentally a reliable individual and I accept your remorse.

"I have to take the view that those who use glasses in a public place, maybe when in drink, commit an offence which must merit a prison sentence."

Jonathan Barnes, for the prosecution, said: "The victim Mr Hagon and the defendant had been friends but by the time of this offence in November 2011 had fallen out, possibly over the repair of a car.

"White had previously threatened him and they both attended the same birthday party at South Molton Rugby Club, where Mr Hagon went outside at around 9.30pm and was talking with a friend.

"He heard a sound behind him, turned around, and was hit by a glass in the face. A witness said Mr Hagon went for a cigarette and heard White saying 'it's going to kick off'."

He said Mr Hagon needed three deep stitches and 19 small ones and is likely to be left with some scarring. He had a problem with vision but the cleared by the time he made a victim impact statement in which he said the attack left him nervous about going out.

David Sapiecha, for the defence, said: "This was a festering argument which came to a head and was over in a flurry."

He said White has no relevant convictions and is remorseful about the incident.

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