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NIGHTWALK: Hundreds turn out for North Devon's biggest charity event

By This is NorthDevon  |  Posted: May 24, 2012

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Hundreds of women turned out for North Devon’s biggest charity event at the weekend.

Nightwalk, held on Sunday, May 19, saw women of all ages walk a section of the Tarka Trail to raise money for charity.

For the first time in the event’s history, Saunton Sands hosted the five-mile or ten-mile circular walk. The choice of routes included Barnstaple, Bideford, Braunton and Torrington.

The event, sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers, raises money for North Devon Hospice and MacMillan Cancer Support.

Since the first Nightwalk in 2007, more than 5,000 women have walked to raise more than £650,000 for the two charities.

Walkers - Nightwalk 2012:

Sue Ackland, Judith Adams, Sarah Adams, Julie Akhurst, Gabriela Alarcon, Julie Alcock, Maria Allaway, Shelley Allen, Rachel Allen, Rita Allison, Lindsay Allix, Sandra Allman, Moira Allsford, Susan Alvsaker, Gillian Ambler, Pam Anderson, Sally Anderson, Victoria Andrassy, Kate Andrew, Clare Andrews, Catherine Andrews, Isabel Andrews, Bev Angold, Vicki Anscombe, Marian Anstey, Elizabeth Antell, Claire Antell, Janet Appleby, Nadine Appleby, Jackie Arch, Judith Arfa, Kellie Armstrong, Rita Arscott, Debbie Ash, Alicia Ash, Jane Ashdown, Helen Asher, Rosemary Ashton, Adele Atherton, Margaret Atkin, Stephanie Atkinson, Pauline Austin, Samantha Avery, Beth Avery, Janet Axford, Barbara Babb, Theresa Babb, Gemma Babb, Jane Baglow, Rachel Bailey, Christine Bailey, Anne Bainbridge Smith, Karen Baker, Miriam Baker, Bee Baker, Angela Baker, Josie Baker, Jenny Baker, Angela Baker, Kathy Bakes, Vicki Ball, Linda Balment, Katherine Balsdon, Michelle Balsdon, Marion Balsdon, Helen Banbury, Leslye Banbury, Geraldine Barber, Lyn Barefoot, Caroline Barnes, Jenny Barnett, Kate Barnett, Glenda Barnett, Alison Barns, Sophie Barrett, Deb Barrett, Jackie Barriball, Hannah Barriball, Nikki Barron, Chris Barrow, Helen Barter, Theresa Bartlett, Michele Bastin, Jane Batchelor, Mandy Bateman, Margaret Beades, Jane Beaumont, Angela Beavers, Hannah Beavers, Laura Beavers, Christine Beaves, Wendy Beck, Gillian Bedford, Jocelyne Beer, Kerrie Beer, Chantelle Beer, June Beeston, Geraldine Belcher, Laura Bell, Emma Bellamy, Katherine Bench, Anne Benham-Clarke, Pauline Bennett, Anne Bennett, Shirley Bere, Claire Berry, Rose Berry, Sophia Bettenson, Carol Bevan, Alice Bevan, Jenny Biggs, Marie Birbeck, Alice Birch, Rosie Birch, Joanna Birch, Sarah Bird, Linda Bird, Pat Bissett, Annemarie Bissett, Shannon Bissett, Jamie Bissett, Janet Blackett, Sally Blackmore, Sharron Blackmore, Dee Blackwell, Jackie Blake, Sally Blayney, Carol Blazye, Emma Blight, Beverley Blight, Linda Blight, Lee Blincow, Emma Bloxham, Sharon Blyth, Laura Boden, Sarah Body, Claire Body, Susan Bolt, Paula Bolt, Lorraine Bond, Mandy Bond, Anne Bond, Sheila Bone, Lynsey Booth, Kim Borer, Helen Borges, Virginia Boucher, Janine Bounden, Karen Bowden, Joy Bowden, Marion Bowman, Fenella Boxall, Nicola Bracher, P Bradford, Lorraine Bradley, Anne Bradley, Helen Brampton, Jane Brannon, Jane Braunton, Judith Bray, Joanne Bray, kirsten Brend, Andrea Brend, Joan Brend, Linda Bressington, Kirsty Brett, Caroline Bricknell, Louise Brierley, Susan Brinn, Iris Broadbent, Mary Brooks, Karen Broome, Michelle Brown, Nicola Brown, Madeline Brown, Eileen Brown, Nicola Brown, Sue Brown, Bridget Brown, Brenda Brown, Linda Brown, Susan Browning, Alex Bruff, Clare Bryan, Becky Bryce, Helen Buckingham, Lisa Buckingham, Christine Buckpitt, Joyce Bunce, Sally Bunney, Carol Burbedge, Juliet Burniston, Tracey Burridge, Nora Burrow, Michelle Burrows-Bryan, Jane Busby, A Bushby, Emily Butler, Rebecca Buttery, Helen Bye, Carly Byott, Debbie Byrne, Jackie Cane, Betty Cann, Victoria Cann, Tracey Cann, Jennifer Capern, Edna Capern, Jill Carney, Gwen Carr, Sarah Carter, Claire Carter, Hazel Cartwright, Jane Casey, Katie Casey, Charlotte Casey-Smith, Debs Casey-Smith, B Cathcart, Joanne Challacombe, Madeleine Challacombe, Louise Challice, Jackie Chamings, Julie Chandler, Abygayle Chant, Christine Chanter, Katie Chapple, Susan Charles, Julie-Anne Charlesworth, Samantha Charlton, Rebekah Chatfield, Hilary Cheers, Helen Chick, Angela Chick, Katie Chick, Cheryl Chidrawi, Samantha Childs, T Chillingworth, Laura Chittock, Odette Chivers, Jodie Chugg, Kate Clark, Barbara Clarke, Rachel Clarke, Jean Clayton, Linsay Clayton, Verity Clayton, Karen Clee, Sarah Clemens, Mary Clements, Lorraine Clements, Cheryl Coates, Marlene Coates, Janet Coates, Rose Cockerill, Wendy Cockwill, Annette Cole, Rebecca Cole, C Cole, Sharon Coles, Alison Coles, Aimee Collett, Lisa Collingwood, Diana Colman, Christine Colwill, Leanne Comer, Susan Comer, Julia Conibear, Emma Connolly, Lynda Constant, Abigail Constant, Charlotte Constant, Louise Cook, Rebecca Cook, Christie Cook, Gillian Cook, Alison Cooke, Claire Cooke, Susan Cooke, Sarah Cooper, Michelle Cooper, Jenny Cooper, Diane Copp, Marjorie Cork, Lisa Cornish, Stephanie Cory, Jean Cosh, Margaret Cottle, Shirley Couch, Jacqui Couch, Eileen Couch, Michelle Coulson, Susan Coulson, Linda Cousins, J Cowler, Tracy Cowley, Barbra Cowling, Wendy Cox, Mary Cox, Heather Cox, Melanie Cox, Louise Coysh, Heather Crane, Barbara Crissell, Jacky Cuell, Naomi Cullingham, Sandra Cunningham, Kim Curtis, Anne Curtis, Jackie Curtis, Beverley Curtis, Lisa Curtis, Lesley Cuthbert, Angela Dale, Nicola Dallyn, Daphne Dallyn, Carley Dance, Nicola Daniel, Hannah Daniels, Linda Dark, Linda Dark, Rachael Dart, Lynn Davey, K Davey, Kathy Davies, Laura Davies, Linda Davies, Michelle Davies, Angela Davis, Jane Davis, Julie Davis, Kay Davis, Jemma Davis, Shirley Davis, Heather Dawkins, Angela Day, Janet Day, Margaret Dayman, Janet Deimert, Naomi Dekker, Kelly Delahaye, Keely Dempsey, Zoe Dendle, Jacqui Dendle, Maria Dennis, Pamela Dennis, Elizabeth Dennis, Sarah Dennis, Caren Denton, Susan Dexter, Andrea Dibble, Heather Disney, Nicola Dockings, Hilary Dodge, Caroline Dodwell, Lisa Doherty, Paula Doidge, Susan Doncaster, Gemma Donovan, Penelope Donovan, Claire Doran, Catherine Douse, Pauline Down, Ann Down, Tracey Down, Alison Down, Tracey Down, Tayler Downs, Sarah Dowson, Ley Doyle, K Drayton, Erica Drew, Beverley Drew, Catherine Dring, Pippa Drummond, Janet Dryland, Sharon Dufty, Lauren Dunham, Gemma Dunn, Carol Dunn, Kathryn Durling, Mandy Dyer, Shelly Dyer, April Dyer, Barbara Dyer, Jackie Easterbrook, Lynn Easterlow, Stephanie Easton, Bernadette Ebcin, Susan Ebsworthy, Christine Eckford, Michelle Eckton, Michelle Eckton, Jacqueline Edwards, Kirsty Edwards, Tina Edwards, Sarah Elcome, Ailsa Elkins-McDonald, Hayley Ellis, Paula Ellis, Ann Emery, Jacqueline Emery, Jane Emery, Niki Emery, Sarah Ennis, Sharmaine Ennis, Wendy Essery, Belinda Evans, Catherine Evans, Elizabeth Evans, Lisa Evans, Jennie Evans, Jean Evans-Loude, Nicola Eveleigh, Susan Eveleigh, Margaret Eveleigh, Sally Eveleigh, Emma Facey, Caroline Facey, Marie Fairbrother, Ann Fairchild, Beate Fankhanel, Elaine Fanner, Christine Farr, Karen Farrington, Janet Farrow, Diana Farrow, Rosemary Faulkner, Susan Featherstone, Nichola Feesey, Pat Fewings, Lorna Filby, Frankie Filmer, Clare Fisher, Janet Flavin, Joy Fletcher, Melinda Flynn, Debbie Flynn, Rose Folland, Shirley Folland, Angie Ford, Carolyn Ford, Christine Ford, Lynne Fordrey-Down, Terri Foster, Nicky Fowler, Paddy Fox, Tina Francis, Mezzi Franklin, Jacquie Franklin, Sally Freeman, Linda French, Terri French, Kate Frisby, Jean Frost, Nicola Frost, Katrina Fry, Julia Fuery, Jane Fulton, Marina Fursdon, Caroline Furse, Anita Furseman, Tanya Gaffing, Cathy Galt, Michelle Gammon, Patricia Ganderton, Margaret Gant, Kelly Gardiner, Nikki Gardiner, Anne Garland, Suzanne Garland, Jackie Garnsey, Tanya Gasiorowski, Joanna Gayton, Margaret Gayton, Rebecca Gear, Yvonne Gerry, Vicky Gibbons, Adele Gibbs, Sue Gibson, Annette Gilbert, Gillian Gilbert, Hannah Gilbert, Annette Gilbert, Linda Gilbey, Samantha Gilbey, Rebecca Gilbey, Pauline Giles, Ann Giles, Louise Gillard, Helen Glass, Sue Glaze, Thirza Goaman, Celia Goaman, Janice Goaman, Heather Godfrey, Linda Goldsmith - Ryan, Melanie Goldsmith-Aston, Stephanie Golson, Jenny Gomm, Joanne Goodfellow, Hannah Goodliffe, Elizabeth Gordon, Nikki Gordon, Donna Goss, Enid Gould, Ruth Govier, Julie Grainge, M Grant, Sharon Gray, Pam Gray, Karen Gray, Brenda Green, Rachel Green, Pauline Green, Ann Green, Lynn Greenfield, Bee Greenhill, Caroline Greenleaf, Sharon Griffin, Paula Griffin, Rebecca Grigg, Rita Grimes, Danielle Grout, Della Grout, Leanne Growns, Patricia Guard, Samantha Guppy, Patricia Guppy, Vanessa Guppy, Rose Guymer, Paula Hagley, June Hagley, Irene Hahn, Linda Hall, Helen Hallam, June Hallett, Carol Halling, Ruth Ham, Pat Hammond, Velma Hammond, Natalie Hammond, Tracy Hancock, Laury Hancock, Helen Hancock-Martin, Terri Hansen, Jean Hansford, Clare Harding, Catherine Harding, Roseanne Hardy, Alexandra Hare, Hilary Harley, Jayne Harman, Sally Harper, Jeya Harrington, Tracey Harris, Sarah Harris, Mandy Harris, Heather Harris, Sue Harris, Christine Harris, Sharon Harrison, Cilla Harrison, Jo Hart, Catherine Hart, Jo Harvey, Tracey Hatch, Holly Hatter, Carol Hawkins, Linda Hawkins, Mary Hawkins, Rachel Hayden, Mandy Hayes, Susan Hayes, Lauren Hayler, Rebecca Hayler, Rebecca Haynes, Sandra Haynes, Charlotte Hayre, Pauline Heale, Lesley Heale, Hayley Heale, Sarah Healy, Jane Heard, Clare Heard, Sue Heard, Claire Heard, Marlene Heard, Penelope Hearn, Roz Hearn, Elizabeth Heath, Kay Heath, Jennifer Hedden, Nikki Hedges, Carol Hedges, Maureen Henderson, Elaine Henry, Ruth Henry, Liz Hewitt, Jo Heywood, Joyce Heywood, Katie Hill, Emma Hill, Jayne Hill, Gina Hill, Kelly Hill, Rachael Hill, Lynn Hill, Sharon Hill, Emma Hill, Betty Hillier, Michelle Hillman, Katherine Hilton, Emma Hingston, Emily Hladkyj, Jessica Hobbs, Cara Hobbs, Di Hockin, Jaine Hodge, Carrie Hoile, Edwenna Holdcroft, Kelly-Marie Holden, Chris Holland, Mary Holland, Debbie Hollin, Cathrine Holloway, Ruth Holman, Jane Holmes, Nicola Holmes, Lynette Honeywill, Sally Hood, Susan Hookway, Sarah Hookway, Gail Hookway, Margaret Hookway, Verity Hookway, Gemma Hookway, Janet Horn, Deborah Horner, Sarah Horsman, Sue Hosegood, Harriet Hough, Nicola Howlett, Gemma Hubble, Lynn Hubble, Melanie Hucker, Susan Hughes, Serena Hughes, Margaret Hunt, Lee Hurrell, Liz Hutchings, Rachel Hutchinson, M Hutley, Karen Hutton, Alyson Huxtable, Margaret Huxtable, Anne Huxtable, E Huxtable, Melanie Ibrahim, Susan Ingrouille, Jayne Isaac, Jo-Ann Isaac, Wendy Isaac, Julie Isaac, Nicola Isaac, Karen Ivall, Cathrine Ives, Sue Ivey, Susan Izzard, Rosemary Jaggers, Sara James, Sarah James, Mary James, Ailsa James, Shelley James, Sally Jeffery, Doreen Jeffery, Abigail Jeffery, Cathy Jeffery, Julia Jeffery, Keira Jenkins, Holly Jenkins, Amanda Jennings, Linda Jewell, Janet Joce, Rebecca Johns, Terri Johns, Annette Johns, Jaqueline Johns, Christine Johnson, Helena Johnson, Dawn Johnson, Rebecca Johnson, Pauline Johnson, Claire Jolleys, Claire Jolly, Rebecca Jones, Sheila Jones, Sara Jones, Maggie Jones, Marlene Jones, Sha Jones, Sue Jones, Maureen Josey, Rita Joslin, Kathy Joyce, Annette Joyce, Tammy Jump, Sophie Jury, Emma Kadir, Jadwiga Karniewicz, Atsuko Kato, Vicky Keal, Karen Kean, Christine Keeley, Lynda Keightley, Christine Kelly, Sarah Kennedy, Lissa Kennedy-Brown, Samantha Kent, Emma Kent, Lynn Kerr, Hazel Kerslake, Jenny Kiff, Linda Kimber, Nicola King, Judy Kingdom, Rosemarie Kingdon, Elaine Kingdon, Sheila Kingdon, Sue Kingsbury, Avril Kinsman, Becky Kirby, Janey Kirby, Alice Knight, Jennie Knight, Kirsty Knight, Helen Knox, Denise Koval, Rachel Kyle, Marilyn Laird, Christine Lake, Amy Lake, Heather Lake, Caroline Lancey, Sue Langdon, Tracey Langham, Annette Langmead, Jill Lapham, Bridget Larkworthy, Hannah Larkworthy, Alison Lavercombe, Hanna Leach, Carolyn Ledger, Elizabeth Lee, Gillian Lee, Sharon Lee, Nicola Lee, Patricia Lemmy, Winifred Leo, Joanne Lethaby, Paula Leverton, Judith Lew, Lindsay Lewis, Sacha Lewis, Annie Lewis, Frances Leworthy, Joanne Leworthy, Kathryn Lilley, Nadine Ling, Lesley Livermore, Meriel Lock, Bethany Lock, M Lock, Pat Lock, Sarah Lockett, Diane Luxton, Eileen Luxton, Vicky Lynde, Charlie Macey, Amanda Macfarlane, Sandy MacKenzie, Tracey Maddocks, Gillian Madge, Andrea Magarotto, I Maggs, Kelly Mahoney, Jill Malcolm, Sally Malcolm, Ellie Maloney, Julie Mann, Charlene Manning, Emily Mansfield, Anne Mant, Tracy Mardon, Jane Marion, Linda Marks, Julie Marks, Gill Marlow, Donna Marriott, Susan Marshall, Rosemary Marshall, Lynne Marshall, Sherrie Marshall, Hilda Marshall, Claire Marsterson, Linda Martin, Helen Martin, Patricia Martin, Katie Martin, Abigail Martin, Nicola Martin, Louise Martindill, Juli Maskell, Ruta Masteika, Tracey Masters, Bryony Masters, Yvonne Matthews, Amy May, Meda Maynard, Penny Maynard, Jessica Maynard, Deborah Mayne, Karen Mayne, Tracey Mcbride, Nicola McCarthy, Christine McConnachie, Kathryn Mcdine, Ruth McDonald, Rachael McEvoy, Lorna McGrath, Shannon McGrath, Claire McIntosh, Mary McKean, Angela McKnight, Ruth McMeechan, Beryl McMichael, Julie McMorine, Judith Mcneill, Gillian Mcneill, Angela Medcraft, Halima Mellings, Pat Mellor, Hazel Merritt, Trude Mian, Joy Middleton, Alissa Mihai, Jeanne Milburn, Carly Miles, Jo Millar, Alison Miller, Andrea Miller, Lisa Millman, Barbara Millman, Samantha Mills, Annette Mills, Jennifer Mills, Sarah Milton, Ginny Milton, Claire Mitchell, Joan Mitchell, Michaela Mitchell, Lorraine Mitchell, Jane Mitchell, Nicola Mitchell, Samantha Mitchell, Elizabeth Moffatt, Michele Mole, Carrie Ann Moore, Sharon Moore, Kim Moore, Gill Moore, Julie Moore, Angela Moore, Ann Moore, Caroline Moore, Carmen Moore, Kylie Moore, Julie Moore, Karen Moore, Elizabeth Moran, Lynda Moran, Louise Morey, Joanne Morgan, Sandra Morgan, Rachael Morgan, Pamela Morgan, Donna Morris, Louise Morris, Rebecca Mountford, Jan Mountford, Sheila Mugridge, Louise Mulholland, Gemma Mullinger, Sharon Mundell, Sheila Munden, Catalina Muraru, Victoria Murch, Sylvia Murphy, Clare Mutch, Angela Muxworthy, Wanda Myers, Connie Nall, Lynne Nancekivell, Di Nancekivell, Helen Narborough, Barbara Nash, Sharon Neale, Amy Newell, Sophie Newman, Laura Nias, Sue Nias, Amanda Nicholas, Julia Nicholls, Kate Nolan, Hannah Norman, Tracy Nott, Gina Nudds, Sarah Oades, Tina Oakley, Lorna Oakley, Ruth O'Donovan, Anna Ogden, Rosie Oldale, Ann Oldroyd, Jane Oliver, Ruth Osborne, Cath O'Sullivan, Vikki Over, Adele Owens, Jane Oxnam, Lisa Page, Margaret Page, Carolanne Page, Tracey Paine, Emily Paine, Lynn Palmer, Meg Palmer, Sandra Palmer, Amy Parish, Karen Parker, Sue Parker, Jess Parker, Sandra Parkhouse, Katie Parkhouse, Jess Parkhouse, Christine Parkhouse, Justine Parkhouse, Jane Parkhouse, Marie Parkyn, Maggie Parsons, Kelly Passmore, Christine Paterson-Deacon, Sarah Patten, Clare Pattison, Jackie Pavitt, Kristy Payne, Julie Payne, Joy Payne, Christina Payne, Jessica Payne, Sandy Peace, Sarah Pearce, Wendy Pearce, F Pearson, Sue Pegg, Marrianne Pell, Nicola Pengelly, Bev Pengilly, Joy Pennington, Maria Perfect, Naomi Perkins, Anne Peters, Sandy Peters, Alison Peters, Julie Petherick, Caroline Petherick, June Pett, Carole Pett, Diane Pettifar, Jo Petts, Susan Phelps, Michelle Phillips, Suzanne Phipps, Diane Pickard, Lin Pickard, Catherine Pile, Laura Pile, Sarah Pile, Carol Pincombe, Sarah-Jane Pinn, Shirley Pinn, Monica Piper, Gillian Piper, Denice Platt, Evelyn Plummer, Rachel Pollit, Samantha Poole, Sarah Poole, Sue Poole, Katrina Popham, Claire Portan, Helen Potter, Beverley Powe, Sally Powell, Melanie Powell, Rosie Poyntz, Shirley Prance, Nicola Prance, Christine Preece, Julia Price, Carol Price, Pauline Priddle, Sarah Prince, Jo Prince-White, Sarah Prouse, Nikki Prouten, Cherie Psaltis, Marilyn Purchase, Pauline Pyke, Caroline Quance, Denise Radmore, Claire Randall, Sandra Randall, Carolyn Read, Mindy Read, Sandra Reed, J Reed, Amanda Reeves, Sarah Reid, Joanne Rendell, Carol Rendle, Kirsty Rendle, Ruth Reston, Wendy Rew, Elaine Reynolds, Nancy Rice, Teresa Rice-Smith, Janet Rich, Brenda Richards, Louise Richards, Wendy Richards, Pamela Richardson, Lorraine Ridd, Sarah Rigden, Denise Rigler, Katie Rippon, Laura Ritchie, Wendy Ritchie, Annie Ritson, Mary Ritson, Kelly Roach, Elaine Robbins, Lisa Roberts, Marion Roberts, Bev Roberts, Louisa Robinson, Pat Robinson, Mair Rocke, Daphne Roe, Wendy Rogers, Jenny Rogers, Gina Rogers, Diane Rogers, Maggi Rogers, Katrina Roode, Neah Rooke, Wendy Rooke, Patricia Rose, Gemma Rosewell, Avril Rossiter, Sinead Rossiter, Roisin Rossiter, Laura Rounston, Vicky Routley, Kelly Rowe, Joanna Rowe, Mary Rowe, Sue Rowe, Louise Rowson, Caroline Rowswell, Margaret Rudd, Hayley Rush, Tracey Rushton, Sarah Russell, Carol Ryan, Lisa Saddler, Paula Saltearn, Kayleigh Sampson, Michelle Sampson, Nadine Sampson, Greta Sanders, Janet Sanders, Michelle Sanders, Penny Sanders, Lisa Sanders, Julia Sanderson, Daphne Sands, Maureen Sandy, Dorne Satchwell, Lucie Satow, Dee Sauerzapf, Vanessa Saunders, Annie Saunders, P J Saunders, Lynn Savory, Andrea Sawbridge, Andrea Sawbridge, Susan Schiller, Susan Scoins, Claire Scoins, Nicola Scott, Katie Scott, Liz Scott, Helen Scrace, Tina Screech, Pamela Selman, Janet Selvey, Sheila Setchell, Megan Setchell, Emma Setter, Annie Shacklock, Delia Shaddick, Theresa Shaddick, Lesley Shaddick, Lyn Shaddick, Angie Shaddick, Bonnie Shadrick, Michelle Shakespeare, Tracey Shanley, Emma Shapland, Michele Sharland, Brenda Sharman, A Sharpe, Norma Sheard, Sally Shepherd, Samantha Sherborne, Christine Short, Diane Short, Kelsey Shortridge, Sue Shrimpton, Jill Sidebottom, Anita Simmonds, Vicky Simms, Sheila Sims, Tracey Singer, Lynsey Sked, Hannah Sked, Julia Skinner, Kirsty Slade, Janet Slade, Marie Slade, Marlene Slee, Christine Slee, Margaret Slocombe, Petra-Claire Sloman, Sarah Slow, Julia Sluman, Pat Smale, Anne Smale, Kay Smale, Val Smerdon, Rebecca Smith, Christine Smith, Alison Smith, Alison Smith, Tina Smith, Maria Smith, Glenys Smith, Helen Smith, Sarah Smith, Emma Smith, Claire Smith, Nicola Smith, Flavia Smith, Monica Snell, Dawn Snow, Rachel Snow, Jane Solman, Kay Sowden, Michelle Sowden, Christine Sparkes, Denise Spear, Angela Spiller, Corinne Squire, Michaela Squire, Rhiannon Squire, Alison Squire, Sue Squires, Alison Stacey, Treena Stacey, Ellie Stacey, Sandra Stacey, Claire Stacey, Angela Stacey, Joan Stacey, Audrey Staddon, Margaret Stagg, Wendy Stallard, Jodie Stanley, Elaine Stansbie, Kelly Stanton, Christine Stapleton, Tash Stapleton, Sheila Starke, Marion Steer, Marion Steer, Barbara Stevens, Caroline Stevens, Avril Stevens, Sophia Stevens, Emily Stevens, Christine Stevens, Jennifer Stevens, Donna Stevens, Debbie Stevens, Sam Stocker, Jean Stone, Wilma Stoneman, Emma Stoneman, Penny Stowell, Susanna Stucley, Margie Summers, Jo Sutton, Judith Sutton, Sarah Svendsen, Roz Sweeney, Robyn Sweeney, Allison Swinton, Susan Sygrove, Jennifer Symons, Rozanne Symons, Katherine Symons, Maia Tanner, Josefa Tape, Abby Tappenden, Pam Taylor, Bev Taylor, Mary Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Karen Taylor, Clarissa Taylor, Kate Taylor-Short, Jo Teasdale, Deborah Tetley, Claire Thom, Kirsty Thomas, Hannah Thomas, Jean Thomas, Andrea Thommen, RL Thompson, Laura Thompson, Louise Thompson, Kim Thorne, Joanne Thorne, Barbara Tilbury, Hayley Tilbury, Catherine Tilbury, Sally Tithecott, Alix Tithecott, Iris Tizzard, Rosalind Toase, Alison Tollafield, Nikki Tolley, Emma Tomkins, Judith Tomlin, Stephanie Tomlin, Gillian Toogood, Elizabeth Toogood, Jacqueline Toon, Lisa Tossell, Samantha Towner, Janet Tozer, Evita Trackova, Julie Tramine, Elizabeth Trantham, Beverley Trapnell, Joanne Treml, Lottie Trerise, Enid Trick, Carol Trickey, Alison Trigell, Sarah Triggol, Hilary Tringham, Heather Trueman, Debra Tucker, Jenny Tucker, Paula Tucker, Ann Tucker, Kay Tudor, Julie Tuhakharaina, Kelly Turner, Dawn Turner, Julie Turner, Chris Turner, Gemma Tweedie, Tammie Tweedie, Alli Tweitman, Diane Tythcott, Annie Umpleby, Nicky Underhill, Judy Vanstone, Joanne Vanstone, Alison Vanstone, Lorraine Vanstone, Philippa Veillet, Veronique Veillet, Jaime Venner, Sharon Venner, Louise Voce, Tracy Vodden, Claire Vooght, Joanne Wade, Alma Waitimas, Caris Waitimas, Wendy Wakefield, Emma Walker, Belinda Walker, Georgina Walker, Gail Wall, Linda Wallace, Karen Walls, Andrea Wallwork, Dawn Walsh, Catherine Walsh, Anna Walter, Clare Walter, Jean Walter, Nicola Wardle, Rachel Wardle, Lorna Ward-Webster, Anne Ware, Joanne Ware, Sarah Warne, Helen Warren, Molly Warren, Lucy Warrillow, Elizabeth Warrillow, Carrie Watson, Joyce Watts, Caroline Way, Bridget Wayman, Chanelle Webb, Angela Webb, Holly Webbe, Maxine Webber, Angela Webber, Claire Webber, Julie Webber, Donna Weeks, Sharon Weeks, Marie Weeks, Linda Weeks, Lida Weems, Anita Weightman, Julie Wells, Grace Wells, Wendy Wells, Emma West, Sandra West, Gina West, Elizabeth Westaway, Alison Westlake, Lisa Wheatley, Sue Wheaton, Elizabeth Whitaker, Zoe Alisha White, Kathleen White, Rachael White, Shani White, Charlott White, Erica Whiteley, Helen Whiterod, Kay Whitley, Julie Whitmore, Deirdre Whittaker, Margaret Whittaker, Lynsey Whyment, Julie Wickham, Claire Wiles, Dawn Wilkie, Nicola Wilkins, Louise Wilkinson, Elizabeth Willcocks, Anne Carolyn Williams, Debbie Williams, Sarah Williams, Ann Williams, G Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Emma Williams, Louise Williams, Joan Willis, Phillipa Willis, Tracey Willis, Eve Willis, Sally Wills, Sophie Wills, Tessa Wills, Sara Wills, Wendy Wills, Paula Wilsmore, Carol Wilson, Caroline Wilson, Pamela Wilton, Jan Winfield, Julie Wing, Liz Wingfield, Deborah Winsor, Vivien Winstanley, Theresa Winter, Jill Winter, Frances Withey, Margaret Wolverson, Sharon Wonnacott, Brenda Wood, Iris Wood, Kathleen Wood, Emily Wood, Carol Wood, Sarah Wood, Karen Woodman, Beverley Woodman, Doreen Woodrow, Fiona Woods, Patsy Woods, Janet Woods, Carol Woolf, Carol Woolf, Nicky Woollacott, Norma Woollard, Charlotte Worby, P Worden, Philippa Worms, Katie Worters, Mandy Wreford, Emma Wright, Donna Wright, Natalie Wright, Alison Yates, Sabrina Yeo, Sandy Yeo, Maureen Yeo, E York Moore, Louise Young, Samantha Young.

Volunteers - Nightwalk 2012:

Paul Adams, Pat Allen, Bridgett Allsopp, Chris Allwood, Jan Atkin, Sue Austin, Charlie Banfield, Graham Barber, Dave Barnett, Colin Barrett, Moira Beales, Charlotte Beauchamp, Gail Beer, Colin Bettis, Vanessa Billing, Elmer Blackmore, Steve Blake, Terry Borges, Lou Boulter, Maurice Brayley, Sue Brayley, Mary Breeds, John Breeds, Margaret Bridges, Ali Bruce, Claire Campbell, Donna Carter, Sue Carter, Lucy Cheetham, Rob Cheetham, Ken Clarke, Christine Clarke, Heidi Clarke, Hazel Clarke, Jill Cobley, Clare Collins, Julie Colman, Victoria Comerford, Peter Copp, Paul Copp, Chris Cork, Gary Court, Lesley Cowie, Ben and Alexa Coyle, Michael Crouch, Cynthia Crouch, Julia Daunt, Ian Davies, Mark Dayman, Dessy Deswert, Catherine Dixon, Lorna Dorrington, Rob Dougall, Lynne Dougall, Barry Dowding, Russ Drayton, Becky Drayton, Stuart Drew, Tony Easton, Heather Eltringham, Carmen Ferreira, Paul Fiddian, Sarah Fish, Roberta Flowers, Dave Folland, Eric Frost, Martin Ganderton, Steve Godfrey, Maureen Gough, Lynne Gould, Cyril Gould, Ann Gowar, John Guy, Robin Hagley, David Hall, Nick Hallam, Pete Hannam, Tony Hare, Jane Hare, Bill Harvey, Nigel Hawkins, Jim Hawkins, Jordan Hawkins, Lori Hawley, Jess Hawley, Alan Hedges, Leslie Heeley, Steve Hellier, John Henderson, Irene Hockin, Nigel Holbrook, Paul Howard, Paul Howlett, Paul Howlett, Keith Hulbert, Ann Hulbert, Bev Huxtable, Alan Isaac, Anna Jeffrey, Tanya Jeffrey, Jennifer Jenkins, Sly Jennings, Kay Johnson, Andy Jones, Linda Jones, Alan Jones, David Jordan, Ian Jury, Mark Keely, Robert Kelso, Beth Kelso, George Kempton, Margaret Kempton, Lorraine Kindley, Janet Kingdom, Graham Kingsbury, Andrew Kingsley, Jane Kingsley, Anne Lamanna, leno Lammana, Kerry Loach, Liz Lynch, Kevin Marchant, Geoff Marshall, Rob Massey, James Massey, John Maycock, Sarah Maylett, Will McKean, John McNeil, Maggie Melville, Sue Mills, Gavin Mitchell, Shaun Mitchell, Mick Mitchum, Jackie Mitchum, Andy Morris, Helen Moscardini, Graeme Mountjoy, Mike Murphy, Angela Murphy, Bev Neale, Chris Norman, Ann Orme, Fred Ovey, Sinead Ovey, Martin Palmer, Judith Parfitt, Kevin Parfitt, Dave Parish, Yvette Parkin, Steve Partridge, Mike Patt, Chris Payne, John Peel, Veronica Peel, Brian Perks, Gloria Perks, Catherine Pettett, Emily Pettett, Bill Phillips , Brian Pitts, Helen Pope, Lyn Poulter, Mike Poulter, Karenza Rayner, Val Reburn, Mandy Redgrove, Peter Reeve, David Robinson, Stewart Robinson, Teresa Roper, Neil Rudd, Kelly Ruff, Richard Rumbold, Helen Rumbold, Deri Rundle, Libby Rutherford, Ken Rutherford, Jenny Rutter, Mike Rutter, Mike Sampson, Lawrie Scott, Philippa Sidebotham, Brian Smale, Cyril Smale, Martin Smith, Andy Smy, Stu Snape, Val Snape, Kieran Snape, Sharon Snell, Christine Spry, Brian Squires, Giles Stacey, Chris Stacey, Stuart Stacey, Ann Stanley, John Stanley, Wayne Stapleton, Grant Stringer, Chris Tattersall, Anne Tattersall, Mark Thomas, Andrew Thomas, David Thomas, Kevin Thorpe, Terry Thorpe, Paul Tilbury, Claire Tremaine-Dymond, Alan Trenaman, Luke Trenaman, David Trueman, Neil Tynan, Will Vandersteen, Fiona Warren, Alan Watts, Sheila Webb, Peta Webber, Paul Weeks, Gordon Weeks, John Westaway, Steve Wheeler, Elaine Wheeler, Verity White-Quinn, Ann Whyton, Eirene Williams, Jill Williams, Chris Willis, Damien Witney, Bernie Wittram, Chris Wright, Viv Wright, Michael Zeale

Organisations which supported Nightwalk 2012:

From refreshments to radio support, 30 different organisations supported this year’s Nightwalk in a variety of different ways. They are:

Barnstaple Football Club

Bideford Rugby Club

Brandon Hire

Braunton Countryside Centre

Braunton Inn

Bristol Fruit Sales

Brushwood Design

Christie Estates

Evans Transport

HM Coastguard

Ilfracombe Food Service

James Electrics Contracting

Lush Food

Mole Valley Farmers

Northern Devon Coast and Countryside Service

North Devon Council

North Devon Journal

Philip Dennis Food Service

Raynet (Radio Amateur Network)

Sainsburys Barnstaple

Saunton Breaks Café

Saunton Sands Beach Shop

Saunton Surf Life Saving Club


St John Ambulance

Stagecoach Devon

Tarka Springs

The Fremington Quay Café

The Voice

Toptown Printers

Torridge District Council

Torridge Transport

Torrington Cycle Hire

Warburtons Bakery

Western Event Hire

Xanadu Greengrocers & Health Foods


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