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Look and feel fabulous in 2013 - top tips for a great new year

By North Devon Journal  |  Posted: December 27, 2012

  • HEALTHY: Nutritionist Paula Davies with a selection of healthy vitamin B rich foods, including bread, avocado, brown rice and mushrooms. Picture: Rob TIbbles.Ref: BNRT20121218G-001_C

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PDATING your make-up could help you look resplendent in 2013. According to Beth Hill, manager at Barnstaple's Body Shop, to create a dazzling party look this new year, all you need to do is bag yourself a coloured eyeliner. The intense metallic effect is a simple way to light up your eyes. We're talking brilliant blue, vibrant emerald, shimmering steel, burnished amber or glowing amethyst.

"Draw the Metallic Eye Definer pencil along the upper and lower lash line, using small strokes and blend with a line softener brush," she said.

The Body Shop's eye definer pencils contain pearl pigments to create an intense metallic effect, which at £8 each could be an affordable way to get your make-up bang on trend.

Beth recommends finishing the look with black Super Volume Mascara for dramatic lashes and a brow definer pencil.

"Apply from the root of the lash and draw slowly up using a zig zag movement. To shape, colour, hold and control brows for a natural finish apply our Brow Definer pencil. Draw the pencil through the brows following the direction of natural hair growth using short feathery strokes."

BEAUTICIAN Bethanie Pollard from Barnstaple's Nirvana Salon believes natural eyebrows are the way to go in 2013. To update your image, forget overplucked brows and instead opt for the natural look – think Kate Middleton's full, well conditioned eyebrows.

"Pluck the strays and let them find their own natural shape," she said.

GOTHIC glam hair will be a big trend in 2013 according to hairdresser and beauty therapist, Tania Joslin, from Barnstaple's Oak Room. Darker, shinier colours are now bang on trend.

"Go for stronger, bolder colours instead of softer highlights," she said. "If you're blonde you might like to opt for a global lighter colour as opposed to soft highlights."

Tania also predicts that structured haircuts with short fringes and short crops will be popular, as will updos. The latter are likely to be a tad retro with a modern twist.

ACCORDING to staff in Barnstaple's The Beauty Bar, nail art is getting even more adventurous – think feathers and rhinestones. Textured nails (with both a shiny and matt finish) are also likely to be popular.

However, Shellac nail colours still remain a popular option for those that like that perfectly groomed look. These revolutionary products go on like polish but cut out the chips, smudges, and dry time. Staff also recommend that in 2013 we should all get into the habit of using cuticle oil or almond oil daily, eating a balanced diet and using gloves while washing up.

REVAMPING our clothes can be a therapeutic start to the year. It's always a joy in January to look forward to the new colours of the season. According to Jane Stanley from Private Collection, The Cruise or Resort collections arriving in the shops will provide the perfect antidote to the jovial Christmas sweater.

"For a real wardrobe refresher opt for some new icy-winter pastels – palest blue, baby pink, mint green. A wonderful look to welcome the new year and mix with winter white cashmere so you can wear it right now," she said.

And who will be the fashion icon of 2013?

"Model Cara Delevingne the current face of Burberry and just voted Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, she is the face of Chanel's Resort Collection 2013. At only 20 years old – a new Mossy I think."

IF YOU want to stay cool, calm and collected in 2013, this could be the year to take up yoga. According Oona Hawley of North Devon Yoga, most of us encounter stress at some level in our lives and learning to cope with stress without developing potentially damaging coping mechanisms (overeating, smoking, drinking too much etc) can be a real challenge.

"It may sound too simple to be true, but simply learning to focus on our breath can be transformative when we are learning to cope with stress," she said. "Because anxiety and stress can lead to a vicious cycle of shallow breathing that then reinforces feelings of stress, beginning to become aware of how we breathe can help dramatically."

Yoga offers a range of breathing techniques to lengthen and slow down the breath which can quickly reduce stress levels and help feelings of calm and of being at ease to arise in their place.

"Once you begin to feel the benefits of better breathing, it's easy to integrate this into your daily routine," she added.

DIET, too, can affect our feelings of wellbeing, not to mention our looks, according to nutritional therapist Paula Davies. She counsels that by including more foods like brown rice, wholewheat bread, mushrooms, avocados and nuts in our diet, we will boost our intake of B vitamins, which are so essential for natural good looks and the feel-good factor.

"These foods can increase our levels of the vitamin B2, essential for smooth skin and shiny hair and nails, as well as vitamin B3 which produces the 'happy' brain chemical serotonin to promote feelings of well-being," she said.

ANOTHER simple tip for stress control is to use the One Minute Mental Focus technique. According to Oona Hawley of North Devon Yoga, stress is often caused by worrying internally about the future or ruminating on things that have happened in the past.

By learning to focus on the present moment, we can begin to let go of habitual past-and-future thinking and instead be present in the moment.

"We may think we do not have time to meditate or focus our minds when we are busy," she said. "However, taking just 1 of the 1,440 minutes that are in your day to sit, slow down the breath and give the mind a simple focus on something that is happening right now (for example, the sound of your breath or the ticking of a clock) can help us to achieve a sense of instant focus and calm, while teaching us that we can choose to change what we think about, rather than getting swept up in stress-inducing thoughts."

COMPLEMENTARY therapist Sarah Parker at the Mind And Body Zone in Northam agrees that relaxation therapies are the perfect way to help us cope with any stressful situations we may find ourselves in this coming year.

"Managing stress isn't about eliminating stressors from your life. It is about developing positive strategies for dealing with them," she said. "My best advice for managing stress would be to keep a positive attitude, accepting that there are events in your life that you cannot control, and to concentrate on the things that you can change. Then look at learning and practising relaxation techniques such as self massage, meditation, breathing, yoga, or tai-chi, and finding some moments in your day that are just for you."

Sarah's top breathing technique to calm the mind and release tension is:

"Sit or stand in a relaxed position. Slowly inhale through your nose, counting to five in your head. Let the air out from your mouth, counting to eight in your head as you exhale. As you breathe, let your abdomen expand outward, rather than raising your shoulders. This is a more relaxed and natural way to breathe, and helps your lungs fill themselves more fully with fresh air. Focus on the breathing to clear your mind and let go of the stress. Repeat a few times to release tension, or for several minutes as a form of calming meditation."

North Devon Yoga: oona@northdevonyoga.co.uk

Oona will be running a residential Mind and Body Detox Retreat focusing on stress management in North Devon in February. See the North Devon Yoga website for more details www.northdevonyoga.co.uk

Paula Davies advises people who would like to learn more about a plant-based diet. Home visits available. E-mail Paula at eatgreeninfo@gmail.com for more details

The Oak Room, Barnstaple: 01271 344999.

Private Collection, Barnstaple: 01271 324977.

The Body Shop, Barnstaple: 01271 325043.

The Beauty Bar, Barnstaple: 01271 378661.

Nirvana Salon, Barnstaple: 01271 440619.

Mind And Body Zone, Northam: 07803 129918 or visit www.bodyandmindzone.co.uk

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