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Lib Dems are opportunists

By North Devon Journal  |  Posted: November 01, 2012

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SO it has finally been confirmed that Councillor Brian Greenslade is on the ballot paper for the Police Commissioner elections as an Independent.

According to article 3.7 of the Liberal Democrat party constitution, standing against a Liberal Democrat candidate in an election means immediate expulsion. We await the local party's expelling of Mr Greenslade with interest.

Mr Greenslade presumably would like to remain as a Liberal Democrat, and to remain in his position as leader of the district council. But he also wants the benefit of standing as an independent, in making the argument that the Police Commissioner should not be elected on a party political ticket. Not for the first time, a Liberal Democrat wants to have his cake and eat it. He wants the benefits of party affiliation when it suits, and status as an independent when it doesn't.

In a similar manner, Nick Harvey MP went along with all sorts of disgusting attacks on the British people – savage cuts, attempted destruction of the NHS – when it suited him to stay in office as a minister, but now out of office he is free to posture and give the impression that his first priority is the people of North Devon.

He voted for cuts, and now seeks credit for campaigning against the devastating consequences of those cuts.

And finally, the local Liberal Democrats claim that they are defending North Devon from savage cuts, while meekly agreeing to pass on vicious and unfair cuts to council tax benefit for those most in need.

It would be nice if the Liberal Democrats decided who they were, but while we wait for that to happen, the rest of us will draw the conclusion that they are a crowd of shameless opportunists.

Jim Lowe,

Chairman, North Devon Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

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