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Ilfracombe man banned from seeing 15-year-old girl following ‘inappropriate relationship’

By This is NorthDevon  |  Posted: January 23, 2013

A student has been banned from parts of Ilfracombe to keep him away from a 15-year-old with whom he had an ‘inappropriate relationship’.

Kyle Millward, 21, was cleared of two charges of child abduction after he agreed to a restraining order which will prevent any contact with the teenager.

Millward, of Green Close Road, Ilfracombe, denied abducting the girl on two occasions last year when he was aged 20 and she was just 14.

The prosecution offered no evidence after he agreed to a restraining order which forbids him from seeing or speaking to the girl or going near her home in Ilfracombe.

Miss Emily Pitts, prosecuting, said:”The order will last for two years and will prohibit him from contacting or approaching the complainant in any way or from entering areas which have been marked on a map of Ilfracombe.

“In the circumstances the Crown propose to offer no evidence on the two allegations of abduction. The reason this order is necessary is because of his inappropriate relationship.”

Mr Nigel Wraith, defending, said Millward agreed to the order.

Judge Erik Salomonsen told Millward:”You came here to be tried before a jury on two counts of abducting a child, which are serious charges that can, in certain circumstances, on conviction lead to a prison sentence.

“At the time of the allegations you were 20 and she was 14. The fact that the prosecution are offering no evidence does not mean they were not right to bring this before the court.

“I am satisfied you were with this child and this relationship was inappropriate and you acknowledge that fact.

“I am told you now accept there must be no contact between you and this girl, directly or indirectly, whether you approach her or she approaches you.

“I formally enter a verdict of not guilty in respect of these two charges and make the restraining order prohibiting you from contacting her or entering the areas shown on the map of Ilfracombe for two years.

“You need to understand this is a sanction with teeth and if you break the order in any way, you are liable to be arrested, brought back before the court and may be imprisoned or punished in some other way.

“The members of the girl’s family should have a copy of this order and the map.”

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