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Christie has got it wrong

By North Devon Journal  |  Posted: May 23, 2013

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I should like to claim right of reply to the misleading article written by Peter Christie in the Journal of May 9 as follows.

Mr Christie, all too often gets his facts wrong. In his column, which purports to look at Bideford life, he never misses an opportunity to promote his "ethics of vanity" type of local politics. He is wrong in claiming that in the past, at county council elections, I have been an Independent and Conservative candidate. I was in 2005 a Conservative candidate in Bideford East, but never an Independent.

His reference to Knapp House Marina is wrong, I have never lead support for it. My position on Knapp, as a UKIP candidate in Northam recently was no "flip-flop". If I had been elected as county councillor for Northam, I would have held a poll on any future Knapp application or similar contentious planning matter, and supported the result.

I do not do "political expediency" or make decisions just to be "popular", I only vote on issues after having considered all aspects of the matter in hand, then make an honest decision.

I have attended numerous council committee meetings, where Mr Christie, as a member, spends the entire meeting writing copious notes, then cherry-picks out of context quotes for his "political" column. He gives the impression of a newspaper reporter, rather than of a dedicated fellow committee member dealing with the matter under discussion.

Many times to my knowledge, he has been offered positions on Torridge District Council, only to refuse, one suspects, because he would have to take some responsibility. It's easier to sit there carping and criticising. I challenge Mr Christie, in all his years as a local councillor, to point to one scheme or project he has instigated, and seen through to a successful conclusion as a town or district councillor, because I do not know of any.



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  • ArtfulDodger  |  May 23 2013, 12:25PM

    Mr Christie is not in any way representative of the people of Torridge today, his views are draconian...

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  • Rockall2011  |  May 23 2013, 10:43AM

    Yes, Christie does from time-to-time get his facts wrong, something that Mr Leather might also recognise. However on the subject of political labels, Leather hasn't quite given the full story. He has I believe stood twice for the county council, in 2005 as a 'Local Conservative' and this year as a UKIP candidate. Touch of the Andrew Eastmans in reverse here! However, for the district council he stood in 1995 election as 'Independent to help revive Bideford', in 1999 as 'Independent to secure a successful Bideford', in 2003 as simply an 'Independent' and failed to get elected on all these occasions. In 2007 & 2011 he stood in Northam as an Independent and where in 2011 the Tories very obligingly didn't stand a candidate against him. That aside, there is the real issue of a local councillor having this 'political' column and clearly using it to advance his position. Which other serving councillor has the Journal afforded a similar opportunity?

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