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Barnstaple man faces jail for hitting bouncer at Venue nightclub

By This is NorthDevon  |  Posted: February 08, 2013

Exeter Crown Court

A nightclub customer who punched a bouncer when he was refused entry into a pre-Christmas party has been warned he faces jail.

Adam Collyer was already subject to a suspended sentence for a previous nightclub assault when he hit doorman Gerald Eva outside the Venue Club in Barnstaple.

Collyer, 23, of Salem Street, Barnstaple, admitted assault by battery when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court.

Recorder Mr David Bartlett adjourned sentence for a probation report after hearing that Collyer is in breach of a six week suspended sentence imposed at Exeter for an earlier affray.

He also ordered the prosecution to decide if they require a fact finding hearing to resolve a dispute over whether Collyer punched or pushed the victim.

Mr James Taghdissian, prosecuting, said:”Collyer was in the queue at the Venue night club in Barnstaple on December 21 and the doorman Mr Eva recognised him because there had been an issue about a year before.

“He told him he was not coming in because he was drunk and at some point a barrier was pushed over and Collyer swore at him.

“Another member of staff attended and without warning Collyer punched Mr Eva to the face, getting him above the ear or the side of the face, causing his legs to buckle slightly and causing him some soreness.

“He was arrested and made no comment but afterwards an issue arose whether he punched or pushed the doorman. The Crown say he punched him.

“He is subject to a suspended sentence and has a pretty bad record over the past few years. We say a push is one thing and a punch with a clenched fist is more serious.

“We say to punch somebody in the face simply because you are being told something you do not want to hear is more serious than a push and that this was in the context if being refused entry to a club when drunk.”

Mr Nigel Wraith, defending, said Collyer had been due to attend a meeting with probation to prepare a report but there had been a mix up over dates and a new appointment has been fixed.

The reorder told Collyer:”The likelihood is that the suspended sentence will be imposed with a little bit added for this offence. How much more may depend on whether it was a punch or a push.

“I am making no promises. The likely result is that you will go to prison for the breach of the suspended sentence.

“I am making it a condition of your bail that you should not go to the Venue nightclub or be drunk in a public place. That is quite important because quite a lot of your convictions have arisen out of that.”

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