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ASDA and Morrisons plans pulled from council meeting

By NDJJoel  |  Posted: December 06, 2012

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Planning applications for two supermarkets in Barnstaple will no longer be discussed at a council meeting this month.

In today's North Devon Journal we reported that plans for an ASDA supermarket at Anchorwood Bank and a Morrisons store at land off Braunton Road would come before North Devon Council's planning committee on December 19.

However, the applicants have now requested that the plans should not be included on the agenda for this meeting.

North Devon Council spokesman Holly Webbe said the applicants wished to address matters which were currently identified as negative impacts.

The council said it did not know when the applications would be heard by the planning committee.

In today's Journal we reported that Devon County Council's development management committee recommended both planning applications for refusal.

The committee cited traffic congestion and an adverse effect on the vitality and viability of Barnstaple town centre as its reasons.

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  • DB361  |  December 08 2012, 9:09AM

    Countrylover - just what on earth are you going on about? There's a huge amount of locals needing homes (me, for starters). I live in Ilfracombe and I would love you to show me where all these empty shops and homes are, because I can't see them! On the last count, there's actually fewer empty shops in Ilfracombe High Street than there is in Barnstaple's High Street and Green Lanes. Hotels, yes they have been an issue, but then I don't think one has closed down in recent years - it's just the ones that have been closed for many years that are an issue. Whilst roads and railway lines in Axminster flooded, I don't think many homes were affected, the same can be said for Exeter (with the exception of Kennford, which is most definately not a new estate). To be honest, there'll be some major problems if the area south of Ilfracombe floods! Anyway - none of that has anything to do with ASDA in Barnstaple, just so you know! What everyone forgets is that Tesco DOES have two very strong competitors in Barnstaple - Sainsbury's and the town centre. Plus what everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten is that is was never Tesco's intention to have two stores in Barnstaple. They initially tried to expand the Rose Lane store and convert it into an Extra before they took over Brian Fords. These plans were rejected, and so the only way to take pressure off their outdated old store was to build a new one elsewhere. And what supermarkets play music in them? Outside of a little festive music I don't think I've heard any for a very long time. You seem to have a lot of problems with supermarkets, and yet still shop in them!

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  • Countrylover  |  December 07 2012, 7:54PM

    So the 450 homes will not have an adverse effect!! These homes are not needed, they cant be afforded by locals so will become 2nd homes or "buy let" which means the council will use it as an exccuse to build more many more in afew months. This does not include the 750 plus 500 so called eco homes, school, small businesses which it seems to me is the star of a "NEW" town near Ilfracombe. This is the councils, planners idea of how to regenerat Ilfracombe, which has so many empty houses,shops, derelict and falling down hotels and has been neglected for years. Houses are flooding near Axminster and other places where large housing estates are being built. Neither the builders or councillors, planners will admit this or indeed care. NDC canno deal with flooded roads or their maintainance now, we have drains that block but are not cleared which causes more flooding than necessary , reporting it is like banging your head on a rick wall. We also do not need these huge wind turbines, the company say they will put money into the areas, emptty words and to me bribery, this of course will be funded from much higher bills. If MPs in London think they are so good then put them up there. we do not want any more of these ugly tall structures blotting the scenery that tourists use to come to see. We do need a supermarket which will keep builders in employment and give many local people jobs for years. Tesco needs competition so why have planning/councillors opposed it on such a feeble reason. Doesnt this break the equal competition rules. We need one that sells fuel but is not permitted a licence to play "music" . I am fed up with trying to shop while blaring music is going on.

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